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March 14, 2005

Finals start tomorrow and I’m sitting here BORED outta my mind. Yes I know I SHOULD be studying but somehow I am not at all drawn to textbooks and lecture notes and articles. I think I’m starting to get ANXIOUS of finishing school heh But somehow I get the feeling I’ll miss the insanity and stress of school once I’m done. Figures huh? Humans, can’t ever satisfy them lol

I have four exams to sit for. Two this week and the remaining two next week. CAN’T WAIT TO FINISH!!!

Yeah I’m having coffee which explains why I’m all hyper and stuff LOL *looks at the coffee cup* Well it’s more like a MUG..a big mug of coffee = I should go study shouldn’t I? Oh fine, I’m going but I won’t promise that I won’t be back. *smirk* =>

Oh yes, before I forget; Wishing those who are sitting for finals all the best and good luck. Stress not, giggle more. Heh

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