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2002 – 2003: A university junior

April 5, 2005

June 2002. I was accepted to University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). Registration day was kind of frustrating as it was long. Long queues, WARM HOT weather and just that feeling of “What’s next?” Then orientation week started, about 5 days of, well, pure annoyance really. We had to get up at like 5am/6 am everyday for morning ‘exercises’ and by night we weren’t allowed to go back to our rooms til about 1am or so for reasons I think was purely ridiculous. Of course at that time most of us were pissed at the way we were treated. But thinking back about it now, it was sorta funny. It’s not everyday you get ragged by seniors. I remember watching in disbelief as other people were rolling around in the field one early morning after it had rained most of the night *bleah* heh.

By the time orientation was over, class started and more registrations had to be done. For the most part I was wandering quite aimlessly as it was my first time and I wasn’t sure exactly what to do. Fortunately I grasp the concept of registering classes with the computers in campus. I must say it was quite unorganized and still is to this day. The long queues, unsuccessful attempts to get the classes you want because of “servers down” (which to this day still happens, you would think the university would’ve taken care of the problem by now) and whatnot.

Before classes started, I switched rooms. Initially, I was sharing a room with two other girls. I got my own room, my own space which I’m really glad I had because all my life I had my own room. Some may think that’s a ‘brat’ attitude but it doesn’t mean I can’t share. It’s just that when you’re so used to something it’s hard to change. In a way it was sorta exciting for me because I had the chance to live on my own so to speak, without parents’ supervision and whatnot. But by the time the weekend hit I’d packed my bags excitedly and head on home. Apparently, I still missed home. Hehe

As classes started everyone tried to adapt to the new routine…lecturers, classes, assignments, waking up in time for classes, meeting new people with different attitudes/values etc. For me, it started out a little frustrating as I found it hard to meet people around me i.e in classes that had the same wavelength as me. However, I managed to meet a few people who shared my interests and in some sense my wavelength. The first semester went by quite slow for me. I didn’t skip classes (at least I don’t remember skipping heh).

But it was fun. And since most of us lived in the same dormitory we would just decide at the last moment to do something and we did it because there were not problems of meeting up. Some nights a bunch of us would go for supper. Sometimes we would even go down to town just to get dinner (it’s about a thirty minute drive). So, Linda: thanks for driving us around since at that time you were the only person I knew who drove to campus.

But the second semester just flew and felt like only a month. I skipped a few classes. Apparently, I was starting to get the feel of Uni life. I can skip at the most 3 classes per course per semester. I took advantage of that. Hehe I remembered a couple of times I skipped classes just to follow a couple of friends to town for shopping. It’s not like I’ve never been to the mall but it’s the fact that when you get to do something you know you’re not suppose to do and it’s harmless, it somehow feels a lot more fun when you do it. I mean, I know I’m not suppose to skip class to go to the mall but I did it anyway and I was just so proud myself for doing that. Humans eh? *chuckles*

Overall, my first year was a learning experience. Although it had its frustrations and annoyance, it was fun to say the least. It was also the year my relationship with Rob bloomed into something very beautiful, which I feel helped me to go through Uni more smoothly.

It’s getting late. I think that’s enough for my first year in Uni.

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