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June 17, 2006

Rob and I were talking earlier and we weren’t sure what to do at one point as we got kinda quiet. So he asks me,

R: So what do we do now honey?
S: *nochalantly* I don’t know.

(Silence again)

R: Okay, so what do you wanna do now? This time don’t say you don’t know.
S: Ummm, ok…I have no idea what to do.

(More silence)

R: I just said don’t say you don’t know!
S: I didn’t say “I don’t know”. I said “I have no idea”.
R: !!!!!
S: *innocent look*

15 seconds later,

R: So what would you like to do? This time don’t say you don’t know or anything similar to that.
S: Yes dear.
R: Well?
S: Well what???
R: What do you wanna do?
S: Ermmm, what do YOU wanna do?
R: !!!! *falls off chair*

3 minutes later,

R: Okay, that was good. That was WAY to good. You are the ultimate smartass
S: *smirks* (and silently bows…HEH)

Shin – 1, Rob – 0

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