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October 14, 2006

OMG My brain hurts so much right now. I’m gonna cry!

I have been going through websites of Thailand’s cellphone service carriers. I’ve found DTAC’s Happy and AIS’s One-2-call but I don’t understand Thai to get the answers I need. *cries*

I keep clicking for the English version but it comes out in Thai and even if there is English, it’s not sufficient information for me. My brain hurts. *pout*

Someone please help me, pretty pretty please?

I need to know:

1) How much is a starter kit?
2) How much is IDD calls to the US and Malaysia?
3) How much is an international SMS?
4) Where do I buy a starter kit? Do I have to go to a specific store?
5) In general, which cellphone carrier is better?

HELLPPPP!!! I’m going to go cry now. *whines*

Proposal rejected

October 14, 2006

Met with the professor again yesterday at Coffee Bean. lol He bought me drink because he was “so impressed and pleased with the work” I did on the proposal. However “almost half of it is irrelavant but I am very happy that you discussed Karl Marx so much”. *sigh* Irrelavant but good? What does that mean?

So I have to re-do it and my presentation will probably be in December before I go off to the States. I’m kind of sad that my proposal was, well, basically rejected seeing as I have to do it again. At the same time, I’m glad I got some positive feedback for the work I did even though it is not entirely relevant in the thesis. I don’t know. I kinda have mixed feelings about it. I’m proud with my Methodology section as it got the thumbs-up, which I totally did not expect.

I guess next week I’ll be back to my daily runs to the library again. I’m still waiting for an email from my professor. He said he’ll give me a list of books to read to help me with my Theorectical Framework chapter because I’m “weakest there”. Joy, more stuff to read. *looks at shelf* Arrrrghhh!

I’m going off to Thailand 10 days. Quite excited because I will be taking lots of pictures, especially in Pattaya where we’ll be taken to Coral Island. But I will miss my Robbie, which brings me to my next question.

Does anyone know which mobile company in Thailand offers the best price for international SMS and IDD calls, specifically to USA? I tried searching online and going through website of mobile carriers but most of them are not in English. Even if they have an English version, they don’t tell me what I wanna know, especially the call charges. I can’t even find how much it is for a starter pack.

I checked my Digi roaming charges and it would KILL me if I made a call to the US or even back home while I am in Bangkok. I just need a prepaid starter pack to make calls and send SMSes for 4 days. Does anyone know where I can get a starter pack? HELP!

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