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Fart Face

September 22, 2007

So Rob and I were talking yesterday (as always) and then…

R: Ummm I think I gotta fart
S: Oh really?
R: Yeah…
S: *horns growing* Ok then let’s hear it, bring the headset down to your butt
R: ….are you sure?
S: Sure, why not?

*shuffling sounds*








*more shuffling sounds as he puts on his headset*

S: *still laughing*
R: *laughing* You hear it?
S: *still still laughing* Yeah
R: ……
S: So you farted on your headset now you have the headset back on your face, well head..
R: !!!!
R: …..
S: Hey honey, your headset smell good? *LOL*
R: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Cue me laughing louder and louder that I almost fell outta my bed*

R: Ya know, this reminds me of that time YOU farted in MY face

S: …….I have no idea what you’re talking about…. *pretending*

R: Oh you mean you don’t remember that time when I was sitting on the bed putting on my shoes and you came walking to me with the “Oooooooooo I’m up to something” face, turned around and FARTED at my face then ran away laughing like a hyena?

S: Nope I have no recollection-none-what-so-ever what you’re talking about

R: Sssssssssssssure you don’t *roll eyes*

Yes I did fart on him that one time. His initial reaction upon hearing a “prrrewwttt” from me was “Wait a minute did you just fa…OH GOD!!!!” as he had to leave the room. I didn’t stick around to find out how bad the smell was.

Now ladies and gentlemen, THAT’S what WE call weapons of mass destruction.

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