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December 14, 2007

Someone sent me this offline message on meebo and I don’t know when it was sent because as soon as I log in to meebo the msg popped out stating the time I received the message. The last time I was on Meebo was last night and I have not logged in this morning until an hour ago. So I know this message was sent to me today.

[02:57(pm)*] you know who: sarcasm…being mature is really not a bad thing Shin, really you might try it once in a while

Now I am not absolutely sure what this is about so whoever it is, feel free to fill me in on exactly what I was being sarcastic over? Since I can’t get the right time as to when this message was sent to me, I can’t track down the person who sent it to me based on my Statcounter.

Okay so now that’s cleared up, I have a few things to say to you “you-know-who”.

1) You essentially said I’m not being mature, at least in “your” standards. So in “your” standards, sending me a message on meebo anonymously is “mature” in your definition? Funny! Ooo ooo ooo let me quote you on that “being mature is really not a bad thing, really you might try it once in a while”. *nods*

2) Judging by my Statcounter today I have no new visitors. All my visitors are RETURNING VISITORS. Mostly from Malaysia, one from Romania, a couple from the US and the UK so far. If indeed my sarcasm irritates you, why do you read my blog? Why do you come back? I never forced you to read my blog, nor do I go around asking people to read it.

3) I have never denied my sarcasm so pointing out the obvious of my sarcasm doesn’t make you really that smart now does it? It says right there on my blog title: “High volume of sarcasm ahead!”. So captain obvious, what’s your IQ score again?

4) I’m all from constructive criticism but if you just wanna insult me for the heck of it, at least have the balls to tell me who you really are. Then we can really have a good argument. :D

5) I hope you don’t come back and read my blog because I actually feel ashamed to have someone of your “calibre” reading my oh-so-sarcastic blog. Wouldn’t wanna make you sarcastic too with my good charms.

By now some of you may think I’m being defensive but can you blame me? This is MY blog. Money is being paid to keep this URL going. The last time I check YOU aren’t paying for it so I will write whatever I please on it, sarcastically or not. I’m sick and tired of people who think that just because you’re a somewhat regular reader, you have the right to condemn me for what I write. So please crawl back to your hole and stay there.

Thank you! :D

P/S: On a normal day I would’ve chose to ignore that message but since it will be “that” time of the month soon, you suffer the consequences of my PMSing. Hope you enjoy it. :D

*Red text is mine :)

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