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Sick again

January 18, 2008

Sorry I have not been updating this week. Been sick for almost a week now, nursing some kinda bug. Add to the fact I have nothing that interesting to talk about and the things I wanna talk about are personal and may offend some people so I rather not go into it.

A couple of the medications I’m taking makes me feel floaty. One is for my cough and the other for my sinus. Everytime I take them I get all dizzy-floaty within 10 minutes. So I stopped taking both since Thursday and my sinus is not improving. I suppose that means I gotta keep taking them huh? *sigh* The whole dizzy-floaty feeling really sucks. It makes me crabby I think…right honey? *looks at Rob*

Well the meds are kicking in so I better get some sleep before I get all wordy and weird. Bye~

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