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Polanyi oh Polanyi

March 31, 2008

I just spend the last two hours reading up on people’s summaries on Karl Polanyi’s The Great Transformation. SHOCKINGLY, I understood what I read. It’s shocking because I have his book. It’s written in 1944 and discusses self-regulating market as “nothing but a stark utopia” blah blah blah and that the state AKA government needs to intervene and regulate the market in order to maintain stability, economically and socio-politically. Holy shit! Did I just make sense? *Cue my last brain cell poofing into thin air*

Ok so back to my point of shocking-ness. I had trouble understanding his English. Seriously, why couldn’t he just said a free market system will not work long term because it is only theoretical and not practical, as opposed to his “nothing but a stark utopia”? Did this man forsee that I was going to do such a research therefore using this kind of English would result to his entertainment of me making a fool out of myself? Wait, the man is dead…never mind…

I know I’m ranting like a total bimbo but can you blame me after having go through sentences like these?

“The origins of the cataclysm lay in the utopian endeavour of economic liberalism to set up a self-regulating market system. Such a thesis seems to invest that system with almost mythical power; it implies no less than the balance of power, the gold standard, and the liberal state, those fundamentals of the civilisation of the nineteenth century, were, in the last resort, all shaped by one common matrix, the self regulating market.”

I rest my case.

Sick again

March 27, 2008

I have been sick for the last few days. Hence the lack of updates.

I am quite amaze how often I get sick nowadays considering I only get sick at the most, twice a year when I was in my early twenties. I suppose the amount of stress you get as you get older tends to somewhat lower your immune system.

I blame stress and tension of the thesis and just life in general…

Headaches, actually more like migraines above the eyes…
Fatigue and bodyaches…
Chills and sweat by nightfall…
Coughing and tons of sniffling

Classic symptons of the common cold I pressume?

My nose is congested, causing aches all the way up the bone of the nose and up my forehead. Not the first time though. My doctor told me before its just pressure building from the congestion. Add to that I’ve been downing painkillers like candy. I’m almost out.

In the midst of all of that, I still managed to drag my ass to work this week. I still worked on my thesis, albeit in between I feel the need to curl up on the bed and close my eyes due to headaches and just plain not feeling good. Behold the power of (unhealthy) determination?

Even right now as I type I’m forming a sweat on my forehead and my head feels like it’s about to explode. I better get some more rest.

Random thoughts

March 23, 2008

I have this urge to write suddenly. I don’t know where I am going with this but just bear with me and my thoughts.

In world that is losing hope, I am blessed. I am blessed for I have people in my life, people who make life good.

At the same time I have people in my life that make me ponder why they are in my life. I wonder why I let people like those into my life. I wonder why or how I can put with them so much. These people can be family or they can be friends. Many times they frustrate me, they piss me off, they disappoint me, they disgust me. I am sure you have people like that in your life too.

So then how do you deal with these difficult people? My personal philosophy has been to always ignore them because in the end, karma will get them. But how much can you endure before you totally “lose it” with them? My personal experience have taught me that sometimes you just need to “lose it” with them. Sometimes it is easier when you totally eliminate them from your life and suddenly the burden of pleasing them is lifted.

When it comes to people I care about I am often very “cincai” (anything goes attitude for the lack of other terms). You can have your ways, you can have your opinions. I’ve had a hard family member to deal with once. Initially I would just let this person do and say what he/she liked. I also mastered the art of “in one ear, out the other”. Don’t get me wrong, I listen when it matters but when it comes to like gossip bitching crap amongst family members I rarely want to get involve, unless that person has pissed me off immensely. Anyway to cut (pun not intended) it short, eventually this family member went too far, as far as to insult my mother in his/her quest for righteousness. It was there and then that I lost it.

I cut ties with this person. What use is a family member who hurts you like that after all you have done for them? I have not regretted my decision since.

My latest experience is with a friend I’ve known for years. This friend is essentially not a bad person in my opinion but holds on to some very funny (in my opinion) beliefs. I’m not talking religious beliefs, I’m talking about self morals and principles. Not wanting to bore you readers to death, I confronted this person and made it clear that I do not appreciate the things he/she did or said regarding me. I lost it with him/her. Not because I didn’t like his/her beliefs but because his/her actions have hurt people around him/her and he/she just doesn’t give a crap and walks around all high and mighty, at least from my observation.

And again I thought, what use is a friend who hurts you like that? None. Lose them. Life has since been a lot peaceful.

Of course it is hard to give up a friendship. I value my friendships and to a certain extent I protect my friendships deeply. But one thing to always remember; love yourself first when it comes to people who do not love you. Why bother about people who don’t care about you? Let them go, let them ruin their own lives. Don’t let them drag you down with them.

Life is a beautiful thing. I try not to waste it being resentful at other people. Instead I let them go. Sure it’s easier said than done. I have a hard time NOT being resentful towards other people but I think I can safely say that I am managing much better now, as compared to a few years ago.

If you think I am writing about you, I’m not going to say I’m sorry. I’m not here to apologize. I’m here to write my thoughts, in my own territory. 🙂

House Renovation

March 18, 2008

More than a month ago I promised I would post pictures of the new room and I haven’t gotten to it until now. So, here are the before and after pictures.












We had the wall paint customized to our liking, actually to my mom’s liking so it’s pretty much one of a kind. I think the paint color is originally called Orchid White and had a yellow-creamy look to it but my mom requested that it be more “white”. The advantages of access to a paint factory, I suppose.


Up goes the curtains..


The curtains cost over a thousand bucks but it looks really nice in the room. There are two layers, one is a snowy white see-through and the outer layer is also almost a see-through with stripes of yellow, green and blue. At first the curtains made the room look too yellowish. But after the furniture went in, it really blended well with the room.


In goes the furniture


The furniture hunt took us to so many visits to different furniture stores before my mom finally settled with what we got, of course after a LOT of contemplation and arguments. But I guess in the end it was really worth it because everything looked really good, at least in my opinion.

French doors fridge (My pick!)


Lil sofa set, able to sit about 6 people, 5 if you’ve got a big ASS.

The view from the outside…




The Chai’s family room…


A dining/living room combo.


March 14, 2008

Somehow I’ve lost the motivation to blog cause stress is “motivating” me to finish my thesis. ARGHHH!!!!

Chapter 6 is almost done. Plan on emailing it in this weekend and next week I’ll start reviewing and editing previous chapters. Each chapter review will take a week…I have this plan worked out (yeah right!). I don’t know how I am going to pull it off before May hits but somehow I HAVE to do it. Wish me luck.

I miss blogging! I have tons to say but worry I’ll spend TOO much time blogging instead of burrying my head in the thesis. Even right now I’m going on a tangent. Eeep! Better sign off now.
Sorry to keep you guys out there waiting and I mean all 5 of you. LOL

Promise to blog when Chapter 6 is done!

Have a great weekend. Cheerios~~

P/S: How come stress doesn’t make me lose weight?!?!

P/S/S: I think it’s cause I indulge in my caffeine addiction to keep awake and alert. BAH!

P/S/S/S: Yes I am HYPER right now.


March 5, 2008

It’s one of those days today that I wonder why some people are the way they are. It somehow “amazes” me that there are people out there who are THAT selfish, THAT irresponsible, THAT vain, THAT inconsiderate, THAT childish, THAT stupid…just so THAT. Get what I mean?

I’m not saying I’m perfect nor am I Miss-Goodie-Two-Shoes. Far from it actually.


So some girl bumped the back of my car this morning. I was going really slow looking for parking at work and this red Kancil was behind me for a few minutes. Suddenly I hear a thump(!) and my car inches forward. My first thought was “WTF?!?!?!?” I launched out of my car looking like some fierce wild lion (I swear I heard thunder like in the movies in my head) and checked my car. The girl in the Kancil looking quite worried and might I add, pretty intimidated, got out of her car and went “Sorry sorry….” I swear I looked scary. I continue ignoring her and checked my back bumper, lights, everything….

And nothing…not a single scratch. Seriously, there was nothing. Either that or I’m just THAT blind. I then returned to my car still fuming and went my way. I calmed down eventually and I felt bad for being so rude to the girl. Later on I saw her car parked nearby the office. I’m guessing she works in the same area. Wonder if I’ll see her again.

So now I have a question. I get bumped at the back of the car and I see no scratches. Can someone please explain the laws of physics regarding this?

I’ve been contemplating whether I should tell my dad about this because NOTHING gets by him when it comes to our cars. Most of the time he sees lines or scratches I didn’t even know exist, and it’s my car! So far he hasn’t said anything yet and I think I will keep my mouth shut to spare myself. So you readers who know my dad, keep your mouths shut or I will bitchslap you to kingdom-come.

On to more happier things…

Rob and I are planning on a trip for me to visit him around June. Hopefully it’ll happen…wait, it HAS to! I need to see my honey so I can claim my hugs and kisses, candy bars, and random pink things. Right baby? =D

It’ll be warm out and lots to do. We wanna do a roadtrip again. We had so much fun the last time we did a roadtrip there that we decided that this time it would be a longer drive. We shoved candies (more accurately the chewy Gummi Bear) and competed who could fit the most in our mouths. I don’t remember who won but I have a very distinctive memory that we ended up like a couple of hyperactive monkeys in the car. It was so much fun!

*sigh* Memories…

I miss you Robbie. I miss being close to you. I miss seeing that twinkle in your eyes when you laugh. I miss your bear-hugs. I miss holding hands with you. I miss you kissing me on the forehead.

Okay…so I just scrolled up to read what I wrote above and realize I’m totally bipolar. First I get all feisty and bitchy, then I get all mushy and lovey-dovey. =S I think I need therapy or something. Either that or I have ADD. For you non-psychos out there, ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder.

I blame this on PMS so BLAH!

Ass crack

March 2, 2008

Sorry for the lack of update. I have been busy with the last chapter of my thesis. Updates will be scarce in the next two months or so until I am done with this nightmare. 😛

So back to this post’s title…

Low cut jeans have been the “in” thing for quite some time now, especially among girls. I personally don’t wear REALLY low cut jeans. Yes a couple pair of mine are sorta low cut and I know fat skin tends to be very visible with low cut jeans, particularly the hip area. With that said, I make it a point to wear a belt or occasionally pull my jeans up while walking which makes me look like a complete idiot…but at least the following doesn’t happen to me, at least as far as I’m aware of. HAH!

A few nights ago I was out with my friends for a fun girls’ night out. I was minding my own business eating my meal when I started to look around me. It’s a bad habit of mine I suppose. So anyway, I started to look around right…? Then I saw this….


Yes, that’s right. A guy’s ass crack.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a closer look. (The wonders of digital zoom).


I almost hurled at the sight. The whole night that ass crack was just there, taunting me so I decided to take a picture and share the torture humour. 😛

Now if that ass crack belongs to you, I’m not at all that sorry I took the picture. If you wanna wear low cut jeans, at least make sure you don’t bare your asscrack to the public. And if indeed it is your “interest” to show off your asscrack to the general public, at least make sure it’s clean.

We do wanna eat, ya know?

This reminds me of a post I did almost 3 years ago. Go have a read and laugh your asscrack off.

Have a great week ahead.

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