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2013 Year Ender

December 31, 2013

Once again this is my obligatory year ender post…

How was my 2013?

Let’s start with the ups.

  1. I went to Chicago to visit Rob for 4 weeks. We went on a mini road trip to visit a friend of mine in Wisconsin and as always road trips with Rob are awesome fun. We are planning on another visit for me next year in April/May.
  2. ROB PROPOSED! It’s quite a story but to cut it short, he took me to the Sears/Willis Tower in downtown Chicago, got on one knee on one those sky ledges and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said YES (after face-palming from embarrassment – there were a lot of people watching us). This explains kinda why we’re planning on trip for me back to go back. Apparently  marrying a foreigner is a f*cking pain in the ass in this country so we’re thinking about getting the legal aspect of it settled there instead of going through the stupid bureaucratic bullshit here.
  3. I GOT A WEDDING DRESS! It was on sale and I scored it for USD$99! Eventually I will get around to blogging about the story behind the dress (I hope).
  4. I lost weight and gained it back and then some while visiting Rob. I came home and lost it all and then some. I’m happy to say I’m lighter than last year so I’m going to keep it up and try to lose more!
  5. The house is coming along. It has been locked for a couple of months now so I haven’t been able to visit and check out the construction as much as I used to.
  6. Added a new member to the family, Toby the Rottweiler.


  1. Leo, my dog of almost 10 years died.
  2. Car fixes which have amounted to almost RM1k (which this can also be an “up” because it could’ve cost me more).
  3. Gotten sick more times this year than any other years I think, mostly BAD food poisoning. Like puking my brains out and high fevers kinda food poisoning.
  4. I would’ve love to save more but I didn’t so I guess that’s one thing I’m not too happy about.
  5. Work bums me out sometimes (like last year) and there seems to be more drama in the workplace. Office politics sucks!
  6. I’ve had friendships come and go, nothing I can do about it. I can’t control other people and how they behave or think.

That’s all for now!


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