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Ass crack

March 2, 2008

Sorry for the lack of update. I have been busy with the last chapter of my thesis. Updates will be scarce in the next two months or so until I am done with this nightmare. :P

So back to this post’s title…

Low cut jeans have been the “in” thing for quite some time now, especially among girls. I personally don’t wear REALLY low cut jeans. Yes a couple pair of mine are sorta low cut and I know fat skin tends to be very visible with low cut jeans, particularly the hip area. With that said, I make it a point to wear a belt or occasionally pull my jeans up while walking which makes me look like a complete idiot…but at least the following doesn’t happen to me, at least as far as I’m aware of. HAH!

A few nights ago I was out with my friends for a fun girls’ night out. I was minding my own business eating my meal when I started to look around me. It’s a bad habit of mine I suppose. So anyway, I started to look around right…? Then I saw this….


Yes, that’s right. A guy’s ass crack.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a closer look. (The wonders of digital zoom).


I almost hurled at the sight. The whole night that ass crack was just there, taunting me so I decided to take a picture and share the torture humour. :P

Now if that ass crack belongs to you, I’m not at all that sorry I took the picture. If you wanna wear low cut jeans, at least make sure you don’t bare your asscrack to the public. And if indeed it is your “interest” to show off your asscrack to the general public, at least make sure it’s clean.

We do wanna eat, ya know?

This reminds me of a post I did almost 3 years ago. Go have a read and laugh your asscrack off.

Have a great week ahead.

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