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Am I boring?

March 28, 2006

After I was done with the last post, I went through my olders posts from 2004. I get the feeling my posts now are more boring. Does that mean my life is getting boring? *sigh* I’m too young to have a boring life yet. *pout*

My posts now are mostly pictures and I constantly talk about mundane day to day things. *SIGH* I feel old. I can’t believe I’ll be turning 24 in November. I really don’t feel it. I still feel 21 or something around that. Oh what am I to do? Thinking back of my 23 years of existence, I don’t feel I have accomplished anything signifant other than completing a Bachelor’s degree. Almost everyone has that. In other words, I haven’t accomplish anything. LOL. How sad is that? Geez, what am I going to do with my life?

Everyday I wake up, scratch my head in a blurry haze wondering what day it is. By the time I figured it out, I brush my teeth and do my business. Then, I go about my day. Gym, library, or just being a couch potato. Is that even productive? The highlight of my day would be talking to and spending time with Robbie.

After dinner, I read for school or watch tv or chat with my friends on MSN or just sit around. I just sit and do nothing. I’m so so SO BORING!!!! OH THE HUMANITY!

I think it’s time I take charge of my life and…and…ummm… and..uhhhh…errrrr….hmmmmm..and…ermmmm…and….I HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE!!! Damnit! So what am I going to do? *sigh*

BLEH I’m out

Library and Birthday?

March 25, 2006

Nothing interesting happened since the past 2 weeks. Been “hanging out” at the library more. Have I mention the library at the new campus is HUGE? Like a mall? Hmmmm I think I already have mention that. Anyway I took the liberty of taking a few pictures of the library while I was there yesterday. I will be taking more pictures of the campus next week, if I remember to bring my camera. Hehehehe

A shot taken from where I sat

Told you it looks like a mall

View from the window

Outside structure of the library

Oh yeah, a little over a week ago we celebrated Kok Yu’s birthday. We had dinner at Hartz Chicken Buffet. Then, we swung by Woodlands for some karaoke session. It was nice to go out and catch up with friends.

Us at Hartz

Kok Yu too busy eating to pay attention at the camera

Allen’s attempt to…well I don’t know what he was trying to do actually. All I can say is that it looks like he’s pinching…ummm never mind =P *dirty thoughts*

Me laughing at something, don’t remember what

The birthday cake!

Me and Pei Ee at Woodlands

I have no clue why she has the “ooops” face. Heh

Trying to get birthday boy to drink

Me being silly

Me and Fiona

Not too sure what we were looking at…think it was Linda’s new phone

I think that’s about it for now. I’ll write something eventually. Teeheehee.

Thoughts of the day

March 12, 2006

  1. Do not ask for opinions when you’re not willing to accept them with an open mind
  2. We are our best selves when we are being our true selves
  3. True beauty is inside, but true intelligence is knowing it
  4. Being beautiful isn’t looking it but feeling it
  5. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there
  6. The greatest gift is giving
  7. To dream of the person you want to be is a waste of the person you are

Rude people

March 11, 2006

Some people around town are just SO SO rude. I was at the Popular Book Fair last night and by 9.20pm it was closing, so everyone who wanted to purchase anything were asked to queue up and pay. Being the first day of its event, of course a lot of people were flocking that place. Obviously the queue would be long.

So there I was being the civilized person that I am in the queue waiting for my turn when this lady comes standing next to me while I was talking to my mom. She attempts to cut in front of me and I glared at her. Then, somehow she squeezed in behind me. I don’t know what others thought of it but if she did that in front of me I’d give her a piece of my mind.

The queue was moving EXTREMELY slow and this lady was getting VERY impatient. She started standing closer behind me while her chest keeps bumping into my from behind and she was practically breathing dowm my neck. I’m not into that kinda thing DAMNIT!. That is SO SO SO disgusting. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. After so many times of bumping into me, I stepped forward a little and she stepped forward too!!!! I got very annoyed and did one step backwards. That surprised her a bit I think. As if that’s not enough to keep her off my back, she moves forward again and stepped on the back of my shoe. *GROWL* At that point I was getting pissed. I turned around, wanting to give her a piece of my mind but she was already looking at another direction. I heard her muttering something a few times about the line moving slow. I’m thinking like “HELLO LADY?????? No matter how much you push and shove or whatever, it’s not going to make the line move faster UNLESS you yourself head over to the cashier and check yourself out!!!”

Anyhow, after more than 30 minutes in line I finally got to pay for my books. THE END. HAHAHAHA

On another note, I bought a nice book called “Confessions of a True Romantic”. It was priced for RM29.90 but I got a 20% discount, so roughly I took it home for about RM24. I skimmed through it this afternoon and found it very interesting. I’m very much a fan of being romantic so I find this book really really appealing. Once I start reading it I might quote some good parts to write about. =D

I’ve thought about it. If I want to be good at thinking sociologically (which is something very important for someone who’s taking up research for Masters according to my Professor), I gotta practice more often. Therefore, I will attempt to use this blog as a thinking and writing space regarding various aspects of my education. Of course I don’t get as much feedback on my blog than most, but it’ll serve as a place for me to express my somewhat intellectual thoughts. I really don’t have much intellectual interactions other than with a few people.

Well then, I better grab a shower and hopefully be able to focus on the intellectual books. Adios~

A little bored

March 7, 2006

My day started in the library roughly around 10am. I sat there in the huge library and heard silence. Anytime I heard anything other than silence I would look up from the mountain of books overpowering the table I sat at. Personally, the library at the new campus is like a mall. All 4 storeys of it. What was missing were escalators. Hehehe

Anyway I left the library at about 2pm after some “interruptions” for a certain two individuals. You know who you are. =P I borrowed another 2 books today for my research. One is entitled “Surviving Your Dissertation” and I have to say that I really NEED to survive this long worded journey of 2 years. The other book I borrowed is called “Power and Society”. So now, I have a total of 6 books, actually make that 7 books, that I will have to read this week/month.

I’ve thought about having a goal of reading like 4 books a month but somehow I find that impossible for me, being the procrastinator that I am. Another thing is the fact that these books I have to read have the most complicated-alien-vocabulary I’ve ever seen. Never in my life have I used so much in one day.


On another note, the family had dinner at Joyous Shanghai on Sunday to celebrate my mom’s 55th birthday. My cousin’s daughter shares the same birthday too. Here are a few pictures:

My mom, me and Gwynn

Gywnn posing for the camera with her two ‘roses’

Gywnn being camera-shy suddenly

With the parents

Streamyx SUCKS

March 2, 2006

As the title obviously states, streamyx SUCKS. I’ve had problems connecting to the Internet this past week. BLEH!! I need my internet *drool* Thank goodness I still have my Jaring diaulup account but it’s still not FAST like DSL.

Anyway, I called up the customer care and as usual they ask the same questions. “Did you do any changes to the computer in the last 24 hours?”, “Did you reset the modem?”, “Did you unplug and replug the phone line?”, “Did you make sure the phone line is directly connected to the socket?” BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Then, they make a report for you and “will try to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Please allow 24-48 hours for us to rectify this problem”. Let’s just say, it took them longer than that. 😛

I don’t know about anyone else but I feel like something is missing when I can’t go online. I’m like addicted to it or something. HAHAHA And NO, I’m not a geek. Rob is geek enough for the both of us. (Heeeeeh =D HI HONEY…umm sorry heh)

On a different note, I’ve been attending class for my Master’s degree every week. I must say it very challenging as I have to think beyond what I read, compared to what I was used to during my degree time. Now we’re expected to bring questions to the table and discuss it EVERY WEEK based on our weekly readingS. Yes, I emphasize on the “S” as we have a LOT to read. We have at least 3 readings a week and the readings aren’t your normal one-page articles. They are more like 20-27 pages of mind-numbing-brain-twitching-hair-pulling dissertations. Okay, I’m exaggerating. So an average of 25 pages per article, at least 3 articles a week, most of the time MORE. Do the math.

BUT a dissertation is what I must write in order to get my Masters. If memory serves me correctly, I have to write out 60,000 words of a “comprehensive understanding of the subject studied”. That’s about 200-250 pages long. Is that even possible? I’ve had a hard enough time getting my degree thesis done and that was only 40 pages long!!! OH THE HUMANITY!

Hmmmm I’m tempted to share what I’ve discussed in class here just to bore YOU. *laughs maniacally* Nahhhhhhhhhh, maybe some other day when I’m feeling motivated to.

I think I’ve done enough rambling for now. The caffeine is running out. Brain Must Rest.

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