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HaPPy (late) MeRdeKa

September 1, 2005

Happy Independence Day…Yes I know I’m late but it’s my blog and I can say whatever heck I want whenever I want so there..HAH! =P~

We had a BBQ Tuesday night at Linda’s house to celebrate, but then again I suppose we just used the “Merdeka Celebration” as an excuse to have the BBQ. *giggles* The night started later than planned as Fiona and I arrived at Linda’s at almost 8pm (The initial plan was to get there by 7 or so…I think). We barbequed some chicken wings, pork chops, potatoes, hotdogs, beef patties and something else that I can’t seem to remember what it was. Anyway, all turned out good as we all had fun. We even had wine!! After we cleaned up the place we watched “The Ring 2” but we were pretty tired by then. It was about 2am when I got home.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because most of the night we were busy preparing the food and watching out for it so it didn’t burn…which some of us failed to do =P such as people like who doesn’t have much talent nor experience in barbequeing food. At least I tried right? *wink*

Getting the chicken wings marinated by Fiona ready for surgery..oops I mean cooking

BBQing commenses =D

The results…drumroll please…Yummy porkchops (marinated by Fiona too) and hotdogs on the side

Chicken wings!! A lil burnt but I didn’t really care…Now you see it…
*GASP* …Now you don’t…

Where did my chicken wings go??? *pout*pout*

Fiona and her bf Chung, who did most of the watch for the food all night. Highly appreciated dude! =D And Fiona seems to be very enjoying her wine.

Pei Ee looking very stoned from the wine. Seems like she wants more doesn’t it?

Me doing what I do best…being a goofball =D
Linda’s bf Bryan smilling big with a full tummy or was it the wine? heh

Me sabotajing Allen’s oh-so-sexy pose

Linda’s happy cos her bf is happy *mwahahaha*

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