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This year

December 31, 2009

The year is coming to an end and I’ve spent the last few days reflecting on the things that have happened this year; good and bad.

This year I felt betrayal
This year I felt devastation
This year I felt desperation
This year I felt depression
This year I found new friendships
This year I drifted from some
This year I rekindled an old friendship
This year I graduated with a Master Degree
This year I started working full-time
This year I got my first front-page article
This year I am able to help financially at home
This year I found myself lost (oxymoron I know)
This year I found my way back
This year I learned again that ignorance is bliss
This year I felt what true determination was
This year I realised I’m not a quitter after all
This year I am more in love than I have ever been

This year…

I’ve changed…


December 14, 2009

Okay I know I haven’t been updating in over month but work is seriously taking up most of my time.

By the time  I get home, am too brain-fried to come up with something creative to write about.

However, I am loving some of the freebies and food tasting I get when I cover events, e.g the opening of The Body Shop at Boulevard. I think it was smart of them to give me freebies considering I got one of my colleagues hooked on the perfume and she is going to buy it.

Heck I am ever so tempted to go get myself a bottle. It is a combination of vanilla and jasmine. Then again I think to myself if I want to spend the money, considering I need to save up for a possible visit from Rob next year. Decisions decisions decisions.

Hmmm perhaps I can justify buying it for myself for Xmas? 😀

By the way, the scent is called “Love etc…”

The Body Shop is also currently having promotions for their Xmas line of which I got freebies too. I got a Merry Berry shower gel, body lotion and soap. It has a fruity smell to it.

I wish I could show pictures but since I started using my digital camera for work, the memory card has contracted a gazillion viruses from the computer at the office (no we do not have up-to-date anti viruses). So I refuse to plug the camera on my laptop because I am not risking it!

Oh yeah, my off days are switched from Mondays to Tuesdays AND Wednesdays now. The office is trying out the 5-work days thing so I get two days off from now on. It’s currently on trial so we still get called back if there are too many functions/events to cover.

Anyway I’m babbling. Will figure out what to blog about tomorrow.

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