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Good enough

October 14, 2012

Being good enough…does it really exist?

For as long as I’ve lived I’ve battled the guilt of not being good enough, in every aspect of my life.

Am I a good enough daughter?
Am I a good enough girlfriend?
Am I a good enough friend?
Am I a good enough student?
Am I a good enough employee?
Am I a good enough believer?
Am I a good enough person?

But does being good enough exist?

Despite my many attempts to be good enough (or try to be), I always realized that in the end that I tend to fall short.

Is it because I’ve placed too high expectations on myself? Or is it because I think I’ve never been able to meet the expectations of others of me?

In the end, does it really matter whose expectations they are?

I mean we live in a world where humans (in general) are never satisfied with what they have. We always want more money, more things, more power, more clothes, more shoes, more popularity, more love, more looks, more spirituality, more kindness, more understanding, more patience, more talent, more faith…it goes on and on and on.

Which brings me back to my initial question…

If we are never satisfied, how can we ever be good enough for other people as well as ourselves? Are we humans doomed to chase the unattainable because there is no end to the “more…”?

And if the “more…” is out of reach, when do we or should we even stop trying to be “more…”?

If we stop trying, we’re not good enough but if we keep trying we’re not good enough either! So why bother trying when you know you’re going to get disappointed in the end?

Perhaps I am being too pessimistic/negative.

So the conclusion that can be drawn from my current deduction is simple (and I can only speak for myself);

I will never be good enough. Period.

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