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Valentine’s Day 2003

September 18, 2009

Rob and I have known each other for almost 9 years now. Today I reminisce the day he went all out, in an attempt (which he TOTALLY succeeded) to get my attention, I shall say, and to show that he didn’t just like me as a friend. Come to think of it, I now wonder why I haven’t written this post ages ago. Better late than never I suppose.

Okay…it’s story time! :dream:

In 2003, I was in my second semester of the first year of university. A few days before Valentine’s Day, I received messages from Rob asking me if I was going to be home on Friday. Valentine’s Day fell on a Friday that year and I didn’t have class on Fridays for that semester so I always went home on Thursday nights. 

We were “friends” at the time, albeit we were already flirting with each other a bit. ;))

Okay, “a bit” may be an understatement.

I enjoyed chatting with him online. I found him to be funny and sweet. I’m pretty sure at the time sparks were flying all over cyberspace between the two of us. So Rob and I made plans to spend some time chatting on Valentine’s Day. He told me he had planned something for me involving a series of ecards so I should be sitting in front of the computer to receive them right away. I found that interesting so I promised him I would be home all day.

I was never prepared for the events that were to happen on that fateful day.

At about 8.30am the Friday of Valentine’s Day, I was awaken from deep slumber by a phone call from the courier services. Apparently they were going to deliver something to the house. I was confused, who would send me a package? Fifteen or so minutes later, I hear a honk outside the house.

There was a van and a man stepped out of the van with a bouquet of roses. Wait a minute, I thought. That’s the courier man? Holy crap, those are a lot of roses! I sign for the flowers, trying to figure out who they were from and at the same time a series of “OHMYGOD!” went through my head.

There was a card. It said:

 “Shin, you are a wonderful girl, with beautiful eyes and a lovely voice. You are a blessing to this world and a miracle in my life. I adore you sunshine.”

My heart melted for a split second but excitement overtook me. Never in my life have I received flowers of that magnitude! I rushed up to my room, to the laptop and started messaging Rob like crazy. My messages consisted of mostly “OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!”

On the other side of the world (I was later told), Rob was talking with his friend over dinner when his phone started to beep and vibrate like crazy. He flipped open his phone to find messages from me going absolutely insane and he smiled with pure satisfaction. His friend was laughing at the rate of messages that were coming in to his phone. After we exchanged messages back and forth for a bit (I was the one sending most of the messages) I calmed down a little bit.

Less than an hour after the roses arrived, I hear another honk outside. I rushed to see who it was and again there was van! A man stepped out of the car with a package in hand asking for me. Shocked, I sign for the package and went into the house. The sender; Rob! I opened the package to find two toy ladybugs facing each other, touching at the lips. My first instinct was to pull both apart with my hands. A string formed between them as I pull them further apart.

I let go and suddenly, smooching sounds! The ladybugs started moving towards each other, all the while making smooching sounds, and saying “I love you”. It went like this; “*kiss*kiss*kiss* I love you *kiss*kiss*kiss* I love you” over and over again until their lips touched. I was laughing so hard at this point because it was just the cutest thing ever.

I rushed back upstairs once more and messaged Rob like crazy, again. At this rate his phone would’ve exploded from the heat of the vibrations, if that gives you some indication of how many messages I sent him. The messages included, “How did you do it???”, “When did you plan all this???”, “You are a sneaky monkey!”, “OMG!!!! You are sneaky!!!”, “How the heck did you plan all this???” etc. I’m sure you get the picture.

He then messaged me back, saying that’s about it and I believed him!

Little did I know. 😐

At about 3pm, while we were already chatting online, someone was honking outside. Another van! Delivery man handed me another package and I rushed back to my laptop so fast, even I was amazed. I haven’t even opened the package at this point and I was excitedly screaming to Rob, calling him a sneaky monkey. He asked me to open the package first. Lo and behold, looking up at me from the box was a stuffed monkey. I laughed.

Then I noticed a card. I opened it up and read it.

“Thank you for being a part of my life. No one has touched my life as you have. Your kindness inspired me to believe in wonderful things. My spirit cherishes you in all ways. Monkey loves you.”

He loves me.

My heart melted.

No guy has ever said that to me (Well, there was a guy who said “I love you” to me in high school but I think he said it just to impress me or something so it doesn’t count) and meant it. Somehow I knew he meant it and I believed him with all my heart.

Valentine’s Day 2003 was one of the best days of my life.

Thank you for being the best part of my life Robbie.

I’ve never been happier.


I love you 😡 :-*


September 9, 2009

So today is 9 September 2009 (09/09/09). I’m sure a gazillion people are getting married today since the number 9 is believed to be an auspicious number for the Chinese, which means forever (or eternity or long-lasting, you get the point) in the case of getting married.

I’m not that superstitious to believe that a marriage will last forever just because a couple marries on this date. But I’m not saying it’s wrong for others to believe in it. I mean I guess it helps prolong (for the lack of other terms) the marriage when you have that mentality in mind because you would try harder, I think? *shrug*

Either that or you just get married on this day because you won’t forget easily the date of your anniversary, therefore you wife-to-be won’t be nagging you about it. ;))

I really don’t know.


I was driving earlier today and had the radio on. Suddenly the song “Mmmbop” by Hanson came on air. I’m sure almost everyone reading this will know what song that is. If not, look it up on Youtube. Now, Rob and I have discussed that song before and he basically said that it was THE most annoying song ever. The second I heard the song on the radio, I immediately called him.

R: Hello? (very confused because I had already called him earlier)
S: Hi honey! I want you to listen to something
R: Okay….? What?
S: Okay, hang on.

*Cue me turning up the volume*

Mmm bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, Ba du dop
Ba du bop, Ba du dop
Ba du

R: …..
S: Do you hear it?
R: Yeah…
S: You know what song that is?
R: Yeah…I think so…
S: Are you ssssssssure?
S: :))
R: *making vomiting sounds*

We hung up after the song ended. Later this afternoon, we talked about my little spontaneous phone call.

S: So you still have that song in your head? :))
R: Yes…
S: :))
R: You suck!
S: :))
R: Oh you really suck!
S: I know :)) Mmmbop ba du dop
R: :puke:
S: Oh admit it, you like that song!
R: Maybe…
S: Oh I’m so getting that song now!

Twenty minutes or so later, we both got the song. We played it and sang together to the song, all the while bopping our heads and laughing our asses off. It was fantastic! I think Rob secretly enjoys that song even though he doesn’t wanna admit it. =))

I had a wonderful 09/09/09. How about you?

Happy 09/09/09 everyone!

Tuning out

July 23, 2009

For those of you who don’t already know this, Rob and I try to talk everyday for at least 2 hours at a time. We talk about absolutely everything and anything under the sun, no matter how weird, corny, tasteless, dirty, ridiculous etc You get the point. Yesterday he started talking about computer stuff…

R: You know that computer that *insert name* gave me? Well I was trying to fix it up and I need this *insert part name*. I saw it on eBay for auction and it was about $38…

S: ….

R: *as he went about explaining exactly what part he needs*

S: ….

R: Are you still there?

S: Take note that I’m trying to tune you out :smug:

R: Oh you suck!

S:  I know! :))

R:  😐    Fine, I won’t tell you about it.

S: Really? That’s great! :smug:

R: …..

S: You really wanna tell me about this don’t you?

R: Nope, don’t need to.

S: Okay, cool.  😀

R: …..

S: *snicker*

A couple minutes of silence goes by…

S: I know you really want to tell me. You’re just holding out.

R: Nope, I’m okay. I don’t have to tell you.

S: Okay, suit yourself.

Then we started to talk about something trivial. When there was a pause of silence…

S: So you’re really not going to discuss geek stuff with me?

R: Nope. I’m good.

S: Okay, just so you know I KNOW YOU WANT TO TELL ME   :))

R: Nuh uh. I’m good.

Another few minutes goes by…

R: Okay fine! I’ll tell you!

S:  =))

R:  😐

S:  ROFLMAO Oh yeah, sure, make it sound like I’m forcing you to tell me.


S:   =))

R: *attempts not to laugh*

And that brings our score to: Shin – 537209, Rob – 450

And he told me all about buying a broken computer for the parts that he can use to upgrade his “project computer” as he calls it. (Update: I have gathered more information. Rob told me he has a “few” project computers. Two in the living room, 2 in the dog room and 1 on his bedroom floor). Before any of you think I was serious about tuning him out, it was all for fun. Ya know, me being a smartass and all. We joke around all the time.

*Update #2*

Rob just saw the update and he said “OH YOU SUCK!” Then I said I have to do another update and if I didn’t it would be a travesty to justice. To which he again said “YOU STILL SUCK!”.

*Update #3*

Rob just said that the laksa I had this morning must have stimulated my “sarcasm gland”.


Valentine’s Day 2009: The Bottomless Pit

March 15, 2009

This year for Valentine’s Day Rob did something totally different compared to the usual bouquet of roses. This year I received what I lovingly call “The Bottomless Pit”.

The package arrived late, a couple days after V-day even though Rob had paid for it to arrive on time. Typical Malaysian postal service. Pftttt

One thing I was glad for was that I didn’t get hosed by Customs Department when I picked up the package. They gave me the package and I swiftly walked away from the counter.


Anyway I had an idea of what was going to be in the package but I was never prepared for what I saw. The reason I call it a bottomless pit is because as I unpacked the package, there were layers and layers of stuff in there. It was like it didn’t end. I swear it took me almost 15 minutes to unpack the whole thing. The package consisted of a variety of stuff like…

Scrunchies, candy…

Almond M&Ms, strawberry shower gel and body lotion

More candy, stationary, breadsticks, stickers

ANOTHER layer of candy (!)

More candy..

Candy and nail stickers..


And the last layer is one of the things I missed most from Chicago; breadsticks from a restaurant called Artemis. They are THE BOMB!

I remember from my first trip over that the breadsticks were really good. So this last time I visited Rob I knew I wanted to go back to Artemis and be a glutton. Since the breadsticks were free (they come in a little basket on each table) I was determined to eat as much as I can. We went with Rob’s parents too and as dinner was coming to an end, I took a couple packs of breadsticks and put them in my purse.

Then Rob’s mom surprised me. She grabbed a whole handful of breadsticks and started shoving them in my purse. She didn’t just do it once or twice, she grabbed EVERYTHING in the basket. Thinking about it now makes me laugh because I really didn’t think she was the type to do that. The type I mean is the cheapo like me that feels that free stuff is ALWAYS a good thing. What can I say? I embrace my inner Cina. 😛


And this is how everything looks like on my bed…


As you can already tell I’m easily pleased with simple things like candy, breadsticks and stationary. Hehe

Hope you guys had a wonderful V-day. =D

I miss

September 24, 2008

*Emo post ahead. You have been warned.*

It’s been a month since I’ve been home and I still miss you like crazy. In fact, it seems like I miss you more and more everyday.

I miss…
seeing that sparkle in your eyes when you laugh,
waking up in the morning and seeing you next to me,
hearing your snores now and then,
your “somersault” flips while you sleep that end up waking me,
your smugs when you say something sarcastic,
looking at you when we talk,
going grocery shopping with you,
watching you when you don’t realize it
walking next to you,
holding your hand
sharing food with you
feeding you french fries while you drive
hugging and kissing you
snuggling and cuddling you
playing with your hair
tickling you
your smile

Most of all I miss being able to love you next to me.

Photobucket Image Hosting

I miss you Robbie.

P/S: Campak Leong, I’m working on the roadtrip post. Be patient 😛

My first mini adventure

September 16, 2008

This is my first time travelling alone and being somewhere without family. I was excited to say the least. So that’s why I consider this my first mini adventure. I have travelled myself to Australia before but I was picked up by family and stayed with them. This time was different. I stayed by myself for a night in a hotel room, even after hearing all those horror stories. I’m pretty proud of myself. =D

My journey started with the earliest flight out of Kuching to KL at 6am. An hour and 45 minutes later, I arrived in KLIA and had less than an hour to get to my gate for Newark International Airport (EWR) which is in New Jersey, about an hour from New York. I called my parents and Rob, who was really excited for my arrival.

Fast forward 24 hours later (with a stop in Stokholm, Sweden), I arrived to this…

Photobucket Image Hosting

If you look hard enough, you can see the Statue of Liberty in the middle of the River. It is indeed quite a site. I waited for my cousin to pick me up to go to dinner. After dinner, I checked in my free room (which I am still very proud of) at Howard Johnson. I wasn’t expecting much for it was a free room but imagine my surprised when I saw my room.

Photobucket Image Hosting

It was HUGE (for the price they were asking), with a king size bed and a full bathroom. I was really impressed. My flight the next morning was 8 so I woke up around 5.30am to get ready and take the free shuttle to the airport.

Photobucket Image Hosting
Me all glammed up *giggle*

I arrived at the airport a lot earlier then I expected. Then my flight to Chicago was delayed around an hour or so after everybody boarded the plane due to traffic congestion. When the plane took off the excitement I felt was more intense because I was just that much closer to seeing Rob.

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting
I thought the little clouds looked cute

But all was well when I arrive at O’hare International Airport just before 11am. It was my first time arriving at O’hare so I’m sure I looked like a lost puppy to people there. I kept walking and walking, and in my mind I had wanted to go check myself out (as vain as that may sound) in the bathroom to make sure my face was okay etc etc before I see Rob for the first time in over a year. The first bathroom I past by had a line forming so I figured I would go to the next one I see. Unfortunately the next bathroom was closed for maintenance and that was the last bathroom along my way.

Before I knew it, I could see red and white balloons in the air…

Photobucket Image Hosting






Photobucket Image Hosting
Excuse the bad picture. I was laughing while taking the picture.

He set up his little own station to welcome me to Chicago. I was so excited to see him and at the same time laughing because of what he did. After I snapped a picture, I ran towards him and we embraced for a minute. In his hand was a little teddybear holding a heart which said “I love you”. He gave it to me and “Here, have a bear with a PINK hat” while smirking.

He had made the signs a few days before I arrived but the night before something happened to the signs and he had to make new ones all over again. Here is a closer shot…


It’s pretty obvious what the first sign says. Now the second one says “Hi Honey Bwoo!” and other little pet names. Let me explain what “Bwoo!” means to us. One night while Rob was telling me some good news, I wanted to said “Woohoo!” but what came out of my mouth was “Bwoo!”. So from then on, “Bwoo!” has been the official substitute of “Woohoo!”.

The other four words in there are Shinnie, Ice cream girl, Pandagirl and the last one (blocked by my watermark) says “Summer Chai”. Now the origin of “Summer Chai” can be found here. Its just a little insided joke with my friends. I told Rob about it before and the smartass in him decided to include that in the sign.

We got my luggage and headed a lonnnnnnnng track to the parking lot. When we got to the car, he surprised me again with a single pink rose. I was touched.

Photobucket Image Hosting

Off we went to IHOP for brunch. I have been planning this first day for months. I ordered my all time favourite; the Breakfast Sampler which consists of everything I love from IHOP, french toast, pancakes, sausages, scrambled eggs and bacon and a side of HASH BROWNS!!!! Rob ordered Strawberry pancakes which were heavenly as well.

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

After eating, we checked in the motel we would be staying in for the next 4 days before going on the roadtrip. Rob went in to check-in because they charge extra for 2 occupants in a room. The cheapskate me wanted to save like USD10 per day. That’s USD30 ok! Which means we saved over RM100.

As I stayed in the car and looked around the surroundings, I was relieved. It felt good to be there. It’s hard to describe the feelings. I felt complete being with my soulmate once again. It felt right. It felt as if everything in my life was coming into place. Suddenly reality hit me and I realized that I would be leaving in 5 weeks. I was extremely happy to be there but at the same time sad because it meant that eventually I had to leave. A minute later, I saw Rob walking towards the car and I smiled. The feeling of sadness disappeared.

We unloaded the car that had my luggage and other essentials which Rob had prepared e.g. toiletries, extra pillows, snacks etc. After some snuggling and cuddling, we took a dip in the pool for an hour and then headed to Woodfield Mall for Baskin Robbins ice cream! We walked around the mall a bit and surprisingly I didn’t buy anything at all. I was probably saving up for the Mall of America. HEHEHEHE

Photobucket Image Hosting
Oh-so-happy with my Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream

Before going to dinner, we stopped by Rob’s house to say hi to his parents and for me to reunite with Naomi the Samoyed. She instantly remembered me and was following me all over the place. I now call Naomi “Princess” and I think she loves it. I miss her.

Isn’t she just SO adorable?

Dinner was at one of my favourite places, Chili’s. I have been craving for Molten Cake for over a year. We ate light for our meal, sharing an appetizer of buffalo wings, chicken nuggets of sorts and egg rolls.

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Rob had told me about the new Molten Cake at Chili’s called White Chocolate Molten Cake months ago. Instantly I knew I MUST try it no matter what! So we order one of those and the classic Molten Cake.

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Chocolate cake with drizzles of chocolate syrup and caramel, topped with vanila ice cream and more chocolate!

Photobucket Image Hosting

Moist vanilla cake with melted white chocolate and strawberry sauce, topped with vanilla ice cream and chunks of white chocolate chips!


Both were DELICIOUS!!!! I can’t pick a favourite. The classic Molten cake was fantastic as always and the White Chocolate one was equally as good. I gobbled the White Chocolate Molten Cake

Photobucket Image Hosting
This is what was left of the Molten cakes. =D

That’s it for my first day in Chicago. Stay tune for the roadtrip post!

Just checking in

July 26, 2008

This is day 4 in Chicago and I’m loving every minute of it. Everything is great, the food is delicious and the people are nice. Been eating tons of evil oily food. We went to get a strawberry milkshake last night at about midnight. God bless 24 hours McDonald’s.

Sorry I haven’t been online to chat with you guys cause I can’t go online as much because the motel I’m staying at charges USD3 for a day of internet access. Cheapo in me refuses to pay that kinda money. I’m sitting on Rob’s bed right now, tapping away while 3 white fluffy dogs are staring at me from outside the door. Not to forget the “pleasantly plump” cat next to me.

Haven’t been shopping as much as I thought I would. I think I’m just saving it all up for Mall of America. But I have bought some tops and my latest GREATEST deal is a USD9 black halter dress which Rob loves a LOT cause he was almost drooling when he saw me in it coming out of the fitting room.

Rob and I are super duper excited about our roadtrip tomorrow. He’s on the computer looking up maps and information right now.

I will update when I get back from the roadtrip cause the place we’re staying at has wireless internet in the room for free!

Mall of America HERE I COME! WOOHOO!!!

LDR – What’s so wrong about it?

June 30, 2008

I had dinner with a couple (out of town) cousins and uncle and “aunt” last night. They came over to the house after dinner for a little while. Somehow the topic of conversation with the cousins (they’re sisters) came to my visit to the States next month. I was never close with them (Let’s call them A and B) nor do I care much for them (to be brutally honest).

Anyway, when asked about where I would be staying, I told them Chicago. Of course they asked why. I answered “Because my boyfriend is there.” So questions arose and I explained to them that Rob and I are in a long distance relationship (LDRs) and we met online etc. I could see a change of facial expression on A’s face (although she was trying to hide it) when I explained while B had a better “fake-receptive” look.

Initially when I told them my boyfriend is in Chicago, B looked all shocked and asked “You’re boyfriend is in Chicago and you’re HERE?” I also got questioned about his “race” to which I said, “Yes he is an angmo (white)”. Funny coming from them considering B is married to an angmo from Texas. A then questioned his age and his work etc, being all curious I suppose but it gets better….

The stupidest question was A asking me “So do you like him? Really like him?” I was stunned, I was dumbfounded that someone could ask me that question. Speechless, I stupidly just said “Yeah” and walked away. I seriously became dumb because someone actually asked me a question THAT dumb. I was DUMBIFIED. Hello??? She went to Law school for GOD’S SAKE. Thank GOD she isn’t practising law. Oh I wonder why. La Di Da…

Anyway, I wanted to kick myself a minute later when I realized what had happened. Why didn’t I say something back? I wanted to say “BITCH, he’s my boyfriend, of course I fcuking like him. I LOVE HIM”. *sigh* I can be so clueless sometimes.

So this brings me to this post. What’s so wrong about LDRs? Normally I don’t give a rat’s ass what people think about me but after this long, I really need to vent out the frustrations on the narrow-minded people I’ve come across. It’s ok if you’re skeptical but it’s not ok when you’re skeptical AND have a self-righteous attitude. Not all LDRs are foolish, superficial, artificial, fake, untrue, fantasy-like etc.

Some people don’t believe that LDRs will work simply because of the distance. Some people don’t trust their partner being on the other side of the world. Then again, how many times have you heard of people cheating while living under the same roof with their partner? Just because you don’t see your partner face to face on a daily basis does not mean they are cheating or lying to you.

Some people crave for the physical intimacy and I don’t mean just sex. The hugging, kissing, cuddling, snuggling etc. Yes, some couples have pre-marital sex, some hold out until marriage. It’s their choice. It’s their life. For me, physical intimacy isn’t as important as compared to spiritual connection between two people. Of course I would be lying if I said I didn’t yearn from the physical closeness with my soulmate. I want to be able to hug him when he’s having a bad day. I want to be able to kiss him goodnight. I want to be able to hold his hands. I can’t right now but I know we have something more than that. Something better that nothing can replace. We have a connection. Our souls connected in many levels. That is what a soulmate is.

I told Rob about it today and he and I laughed it off by coming up with some seriously sarcastic (Hah! The irony!) comebacks that I should have said to A’s question; “So do you like him? Really like him?” Here are the top 5 answers:

5) Like him? Who are you kidding? No way!
4) No, I don’t really like him. He’s just my BOYFRIEND for fun. *roll eyes*
3) It’s just my life-long dream to have an ang mo boyfriend. So why not?
2) Nah, don’t like him that much. I just like to travel half way around the world to see someone I don’t like JUST for fun.

And THE best answer I could’ve gave to her was….

Drumroll please…

1) No, he’s an ass. I just fly over there for the SEX. (For the SHOCK [!] factor) or in Rob’s sarcastic words “No I don’t really like her. I just wanna DOINK her”

I understand that some people do not understand LDRs. I understand that some people are skeptical about it. I understand some people just don’t get it but sometimes I just can’t help but take some offense to their reactions and words. Nothing is impossible in this day of age. Even a man can now give birth nowadays! So PLEASE be a bit open minded.

P/S: I may have been overly sensitive towards their reaction but after so long and the many “looks” I get from people when I tell them I am in a LDR, can you blame me?

High maintenance

June 2, 2008

Many random things for this post…

We had a couple units of air conditioners installed in the house today and they were drilling and whatnot, making it hard for me to focus on my work. So I messaged Rob…

S: so ummm i cant concentrate
R: I’ll give you a dollar if you lean out the window and spill some cheap perfume on the installer
S: a dollar? i’m not that cheap hmmmmphhhh *Looks away*
R: Its a dare bet honey, i didnt ask you to flash him
S: nope, i aint doing nothing for a buck hmmphhhhh *tosses hair*
R: Ok ok, a mcflurry
S: anything else?
R: 2 flurrys
S: 5 and you have a deal
S: am i too high maintenance for ya now honey?


A couple days ago I noticed an increase in my page views. I later on found out that I have been getting a lot of hits from an online forum site. Apparently, someone was interested in my shoe post a couple years ago. I also got some comments from the users that they are now reading my blog so a great big shoutout to the girls of!! *waves*


Now that June is here, excitement is escalating with Rob and I. Yesterday he purchased the ticket from Newark Airport to O’hare Airport so you can imagine my excitement. You guys are probably sick and tired of me babbling over my trip but I really cannot help it. I get the feeling that June is just going to sweep by without me realising it. That’s good and bad. Good because I get to see Rob sooner, but bad because I get very stressed out to finish the thesis as much as I can.

Anyway all that’s left to do is book my hotel stay for a night at Newark before flying off to Chicago the next day. I will arrive in Newark Airport around 7pm and there aren’t any flights to Chicago after that so I have to take a flight the following day. It’s a bit spooky to be on my own for a night but I suppose that will be my little mini adventure. Heh

I have planned out my food menu for my first day in Chicago so it’ll be great. It consists of IHOP for breakfast, then off to Woodfield Mall to get Baskin Robbins’ Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream, and dinner at Chili’s with Molten Cake for dessert. 😀

Because of all the yummy food I will consume while I am there, I am in the midst of TRYING to lose weight before going over. I rather lose weight, and gain it back while I am there than coming back FATTER. Lol

It’s late, my bed is calling me. Will write soon.

2 months to go

May 22, 2008

In exactly two months I will be in Rob’s arms, hugging him so tightly and not wanting to let go. As much as I would like to cling on to him for the remaining weeks of my visit there, it is impossible that I can/want to do that. I am not clinging on to him when he poops. 😛

I got confirmation on my travel dates yesterday and both Rob and I have been quite hyper and excited. We now have this chant that we do at the randomest (if there is such a word) time. It goes, “Shinnie’s coming to visit!” I swear it’s funny…at least for us. I know, we are a demented couple of nutjobs.

Finding a relatively cheap domestic flight to Chicago and back to Newark airport is a bitch. Not only are airfares a lot more expensive than a year ago, these airlines are charging for the second checked-in bag! What’s worse is that initially we thought going on American Airlines would be best in price and timing but now American Airlines is charging $15 for the FIRST checked bag and another $25 for the second one! Those money-sucking hounds!!! Other airlines make you do a stop and have a layover of about 2-3 hours. I hate waiting!!! So how now brown cow? *sigh*

I guess we just keep looking.

Oil prices have been increasing which means that petrol is getting more expensive in the States and pretty much everywhere in the world. We have talked about not doing the roadtrip that we planned though we both would really want to. Initially I have insisted on going on this roadtrip (the brat that I am) but after giving it some thought I realized that it really doesn’t matter where we go or what we do because as long as we’re together and enjoying each other’s company, that’s all that matters. I am keeping an open mind from now on.

I’m sending in my laptop back to HP tomorrow as the needed part has arrived. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up again this time. I’m crossing my fingers and toes.

Back to working on the thesis. (Wow, I actually wanna work on it voluntarily.)

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