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Happy Chap Goh Meh

February 21, 2008

In about 3 hours Chinese New Year celebration will be over for the year. I’m SO outdated with my posts because I’m too lazy to transfer, resize and edit pictures then upload on Photobucket then paste the html code on here. Can you understand now why I’m so lazy? It’s such a long process, at least for me lah.

We had dinner at home and I helped clean up. Eating dinner at home has been more frequent now that we have a new room and an actual dining table. I know I know I’ve said it many times already but I’m not trying to show off or anything like that. I’m still trying to get used to the fact that the area we’re eating at now used to be just plain grass where Leo pooped and peed. Heh.

Today is also the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day. Girls are suppose to throw mandarin oranges into the rivers/seas in hopes that they would wed soon. Then the guys would go collect them and that would mean that girl is his mate. At least that’s my understanding regarding this day. Do correct me if I’m wrong.

So single girls out there, have you thrown oranges into the Sarawak River yet? You have about 3 hours. Good luck!

Blah blah blah

February 19, 2008

So you must be tired of me apologizing for lack of updates right? Errrr, sowwy *looks at you with puppydog eyes* I doubt that worked, I’m not THAT cute although I think I can be but I’m not sure so I’m just gonna stop rambling like a mad person.

One of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging is that I’ve been “nursing” a tummy bug. I had abdomen pains, diarrhea, and nausea which led to my loss of appetite since last Tuesday. Glad to report that after two doctor visits I’m almost 100% healthy.

Chinese New Year celebration is almost coming to an end and I have to start getting my butt on gear to finish the thesis. I know I keep saying that but it’s really a personal note to lecture remind myself that I MUST finish it and graduate in August.

Other than that nothing interesting or dramatic going on in my life right now. I’m still a little giddy and giggly over the Valentine’s surprise but that’s just me. 😛

Rob’s coming online in a minute so I’m gonna sign off now. Toodles~~~

Happy Valentine’s Day 2008

February 14, 2008

Leo is back home where he belongs and he seems to be doing better. I’m glad.

On the other hand, I had some bad food or something during the last 3 days or so and I am paying the price. I get stabbing pains and cramps in the abs, particularly on the left side and I’m also gassy which means I either burp a lot or it comes out the other end. Take your pick. I’ve been to the doctor’s and currently on medication for the next 5 days.

My food intake has decreased dramatically. I ate like a piece of chicken Tuesday night, and I don’t mean like a piece of KFC chicken. I mean like a small cut out piece of chicken. Food just doesn’t seem so attractive as of right now. I feel nauseous after a few bites here and there. Perhaps I’ll lose weight this way? Heh

Anyway, on to more happy things.


I had a wonderful surprise at work today. Being Valentine’s Day Rob has been sending me roses every year since 2003. It’s sorta like a tradition for us, even though we all know prices are psychotic during this time of year. However the last 2 Valentine’s have been kind of a drag for us because I end up getting unfreshed almost-dying red roses. So due to the stress we both endured last year (which I won’t go into further, perhaps some other time) during Valentine’s Day we agreed that we wouldn’t do roses this year, plus (again) prices are insane.

So knowing for sure nothing was going to happen and wasn’t hoping or expecting at all I just didn’t think much about today. My plan was to spend as much time as I can with Rob during this day. Not feeling well this morning, I finally decided that it was time to head to the doctor’s before work.

Rob told me to wait a bit, to see if I felt better later then decide whether to go to the doctor’s. It was kinda weird because he usually is the first to tell me to go to the doctor’s when I don’t feel well. I didn’t think much of it at all. Then I briefly mentioned that I may wanna skip work today if I don’t feel well enough after the doctor’s visit. He responded by pointing out how many hours I missed last week due to CNY holidays. Strange, I thought. He never really bothered much with how many hours I worked, especially when I don’t feel well. Again, I didn’t think much of it.

After the doctor’s visit I called Rob to tell him I was ok and that it was just bad food, he seemed a bit jumpy. I asked him if everything was ok and he said he wasn’t expecting my call. Apparently he was at the store looking for something pink for me for Valentine’s Day. He was sure he’ll get me something pink today. I was happy!

I get to work finally after taking 30 minutes to find a parking spot. It was just Jasmine and I as I had gotten a message from Carolyn letting me know that she was in a meeting nearby. I went about my routine stuff. Not fifteen minutes later a delivery guy comes in with a pink bouquet. I was like thinking “Oooo Jasmine’s flowers (cause it’s her birthday too today).” Then I realize there were 2 bouquets, the other one a mixed bouquet. So I thought excitedly “Ohh Carolyn is getting one too!!!”

The delivery guy then tells me it’s for a “Shin Yi” and I’m like huh????????? I look at Jasmine who was busy on the phone. Wait a minute, there’s a card….hey I know that handwriting. It was Carolyn’s! That siaw girl sent me roses for V-day?!?! That’s gotta be so expensive!!! Oh open the card!!! The card read:

Dear Shinnie,

I love you very much. Thank you for 5 wonderful years. Happy Valentine’s Day!

With love,

Your Robbie.

Wait, it said “Robbie”. Wait, he can’t…he couldn’t…he doesn’t know the office address..what is going on here???? I look at Jasmine who’s still busy on the phone, I look back at the bouquet, I look around…what the….what’s going on???

What do I do? I called Rob and first thing I said was “What did you do??????” He says “Ummm I didn’t do anything…” I go on and on about how there’s bouquet that’s for me signed by him in Carolyn’s handwriting. There was a moment of silence…and then he starts laughing!!!!

Two seconds later Carolyn jumps out from the back room and snaps a picture of me. And then it all made sense….

“YOU TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” was all that could escaped my lips. Little did I know these two people have been plotting and scheming for a few days.

The bouquet


Camwhoring starts….



I got dooped face!



Three pink teddybears

Chocolates on the hand bouquet


It was quite hard to find pink roses during Valentine’s Day so it took Carolyn quite a while to finally locate them on Rob’s behalf. (If you don’t already know, I do love pink!) I’m so touched that they both went to all this trouble for me. I have to say I almost teared up at the office.

I know I’m getting way too wordy for such a fun post but I really wanted to pen down this great day. Please excuse any grammar or spelling errors as I am getting tired. Go read Rob’s and Carolyn’s post about today. Thank you very much to both of them.

I love you so much Robbie. You are the best thing in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day *kiss*

Time to rest.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


%$!@!$ vet

February 12, 2008

My dog is currently hospitalized at the veterinary clinic in town. Paying about RM150 a night, I am really unhappy with the service they provide. The staff are unhelpful and rude. One of the vets is an effing bitch of a spinster who hasn’t gotten any for a while, if not never at all.

I don’t know where to begin venting on this latest “drama” in my life but as of right now I am worried about my dog. He has tick fever, yes a very common disease for dogs and easily treated. But somehow his has developed into something more serious that he needs an IV drip, his liver function figure is abnormal and therefore needs to be hospitalized.

It was very disheartening to see him so aggresive, thinking he needs to fend for his life when we try to hold him down so that the vet can give him an injection or put in the IV. It’s very disheartening to see his urine really dark brown and his gums and eyes are yellowish, a case of jaundice caused by the tick fever. It’s very disheartening that my Leo, the very naughty dog that pokes your butt with his nose so weary and quiet. It’s even more disheartening that when all we want to do is help him get better, he thinks that we wanna hurt him and he nips my hand when I tried to pet him this morning after holding him down for the IV. He was confused, thinking I would hurt him.

As if all that wasn’t enough, bitch vet made it worse for me. Seeing my dog so stressed, growling and swinging, body slamming around the wall so he could escape me holding him down for the vet made me ask this question, “Is it easier if you used a tranquilizer?” I wasn’t rude, I wasn’t trying to be Miss-Smarty-Pants. It was just my common sense kicking into place thinking that it would be better not to stress the dog out more than it already is. Makes sense right?

But somehow offended or dissatisfied that I questioned her ability, the hag maliciously replies (in a raised voice), “That will worsen your dog’s condition…it will affect his internal organs…the liver, kidneys. It will worsen his liver and kidneys. But if you want I can do it. You want to do that?!?! I will give him tranquilizer if you want???” Fcuking bitch. If I knew that would I ask??? If I knew you think my dog would be admitted??? I would’ve just treated the dog myself. EFFING BITCH!!! GRRRRRR!

Shocked and speechless by the vet’s response I did what I had to and left right away. Seeing the dog like that made me sad, being talked to like that made me furious. I felt helpless and frustrated. I shed a few tears in the car, driving to work.

Adding to that, the staff there labels Leo unfriendly. They say he is hard to deal with. They called me this morning before I had to go to work to go hold down the dog so that they can give him treatment. Excuse me? Isn’t that YOUR job? I seriously thought that if you couldn’t handle a fierce dog, you sedate it then treat it? What if I’m not available at your liberty to come in and do YOUR job? Then you just don’t treat the dog and let him die because he’s, and I quote, “unfriendly” ???

At first money wasn’t an issue but now it is. Paying RM150 a day for this kinda service pisses me off. You’re getting paid RM150 a day to tell me to come and do your job??? You’re getting RM150 a day to be rude and yell at me??? You’re getting RM150 a day to make me wait 30 minutes to do your job???

It really pisses me off to no end that this is the kind of standard upheld by the veterinary clinic while people are getting charged a fortune for it!


I went to see Leo before dinner and brought him cheese. I managed to coax him into eating it this afternoon when I visited. It took me around an hour. So this time I brought him 2 pieces and he didn’t wanna take it from me. He didn’t touch his water or food, I think mainly cause he had the white cone thing around his neck and it’s hard to eat. After several tries, I let my mom try and he straight away took food from my mom’s palm. I think my dog doesn’t like me anymore. 🙁 He’s probably pissed at me for holding him down and letting the bad people at the vet hurt him. *sigh*

But he’s eating more which is a very good thing. He slurped water like crazy. That’s a sign of improvement. His eyes aren’t as yellowish as yesterday. I’m glad but at the same time a little sad that he doesn’t take food from me. I suppose he’ll learn to trust me again when he comes back home. Not sure when that is yet.

I know I keep going in circles but this is my therapy when Rob is not around for me to talk to. He’s in lala land right now dreaming of winning the lottery.

I’ve had a headache the whole day so I’m going to call it a night now. Have to wake up early and do someone else’s job at the vet tomorrow. Thank you for “listening”. Goodnight willing readers.

Pet peeves during the holidays

February 11, 2008

I’ve had a wonderful Chinese New Year break and it’s now back to daily routine. I have been pigging out so much, stuffing myself with all the sinful cakes and cookies and all the evil junk food. Mmmmm pineapple tarts and lapis cake. (Pictures will be up soon)

It was even more meaningful to have spent it laughing and chatting and gambling with great company of my close friends and family.

Nonetheless as with every festivity, I suppose it is unavoidable to come across things that people do that annoy the heck out of ya. Here are my pet peeves during this holiday season, in no particular order:-

  1. People who don’t use coasters. There are stacks on the table. It’s there for a reason. Please use them! It protects the table from moisture from cold drinks.
  2. People who are rude. When you go visiting, you greet the host and shake their hands. It’s common courtesy. You do the same as you leave too. You don’t just walk out looking as if I’m owing you money. No thank you, no nothing. If that’s the kind of attitude you’re gonna have, don’t go visiting.
  3. People who are late. When you tell the host you are coming at a specified time, be on time. Don’t make the host wait for you. Ten minutes is ok. Thirty minutes may be rude but it’s nothing compared to HOURS. This brings me to my next point.
  4. People who cancel last minute. So after making the host wait for you for hours, you decide not to show up. Food is prepared and not enough people are there to finish it. Is that polite? Is that considerate? Is that reasonable? No, it is not.
  5. People who are uninvited. Perhaps I should be more accepting during this holiday time and welcome anyone and everyone that comes knocking on my door. However if I were to hold on to this so-called principle during this time of year, wouldn’t I be welcoming any Tom, Dick and Harry into my home? Wouldn’t I be welcoming thieves/robbers, rapists, murderers into my home as well? I don’t know about you but I don’t think that’s wise. But then again, it is afterall my home. Why should I accept people who I despise that makes me sick to the stomach to see? If you as a guest want to bring your other companions with you, please do seek approval from the host first. You put the host in an awkward situation when you bring uninvited guests. Wow this is getting long-winded.
  6. People who want you to work. I have just gotten an email from the supervisor with comments on Chapter 3 requesting me to do corrections and ultimately of course wants it done ASAP. I’m still on holiday mood lah! BLEH

It baffles me that at this age, there are still people who lack the maturity, courtesy and social skills of everyday life. Technically point 6 is somewhat acceptable considering I have to finish the thesis as fast as I can.

It’s getting late. I need to get some sleep. Have not been sleeping much lately. Toodles~

Gong Xi Fa Cai

February 6, 2008

Been cleaning all day, did some last minute shopping, ate dinner and still cleaned some more. I’m so tired right now.

Anyway I just wanted to wish all of you out there a Happy New Year.

May the new year bring you lots of luck,
flourishing prosperity and
greater success in all your endeavours.

Hopefully I can sleep in tomorrow.


Damn %$#@! cockroach!

February 5, 2008

With Chinese New Year around the corner, needless to say many of us are busy preparing for the new year which means a lot of baking, cleaning and/or shopping. I have been busy helping clean the house. It’s very dusty from the construction work done.

Anyway I was cleaning my room yesterday and decided that being the new year it would be nice to wear new clothes with new underwear. So I opened a drawer which I kept my new undies in and noticed that there were brown spots on my white bra. I scrape off what I thought it was just some form of dirt/dust for leaving anything white in a drawer for a long time. Then I flip through underneath that bra, and the following 3-4 bras all had those stains.

I was puzzled. I did not understand why my bras had stains on them. Then I flip to the bottom of the drawer itself and saw tiny specs of dark brown. What the hell are those, I thought to myself. I looked at a couple of bras, and the one that was down at the bottom of the pile had some slimey and gooey spots! WTF IT’S SOME KINDA SHIT!!!! EWW EWWW EWWW EWWW I ACCIDENTLY TOUCHED IT EWWW EWWW

And out of nowhere…








Of course, I yelped in surprise/disgust. It wasn’t wise to remove my stuff out of the drawer and try to catch that little bastard in my room (cos it may run and hide behind my closets or something and I won’t be able to kill catch it [for all you insect-lovers out there] and it may come and crawl into areas of my body I shall not discuss because the mental image I am putting in my head is starting to gross me out so I’m gonna stop about this now) so I took out that drawer, ran to the bathroom with it and started unpacking that drawer.

Sure enough the little bastard flies out and scatters around the bathroom until I smacked it with a slipper. No no no I did not kill it. I smacked the lower half of its body and it was paralysed from the waist(?) down [Sorry I don’t know the anatomy of the cockroach]. I grab a wad of toilet paper and picked it up and the tentacles(?) were flinging around like the little bastard was going “Weeeeeeeeee!” and mocking me for my failure to kill it.

Such a naive creature it is.

What the cockroach didn’t know was that I had other plans.

I turned on the water heater, turned the shower heater to the highest possible temperature and ran hot water on the cockroach as I held it in the toilet paper. Water was running down its tentacles, onto its face(?). The tentacles stopped flinging around like some cheerleader flinging pompoms so I stopped, thinking it was dead. Was it dead? Oh no, as soon as the water stopped those damn tentacles were at it again. So I repeated the process of running hot water on it a few more times but it didn’t die so I decided why not maximized water pressure and sprayed the little bastard til its death.

Did it work?

No it did not. As soon as the water stopped, the tentacles were at it yet again. Pissed, I turned on the tap of cold water to the max and sprayed at its face(?). At one point I could see the skin(?) flapping cos I think I saw the insides of the cockroach. That’s when I stopped and thought “Yes! I killed it!!!”

But….I didn’t. Took it away from the water and there are those %$!# tentacles again!!!!!

Since I had failed I decided…

I placed it on the floor…

Got up….

Turned away….


Grabbed the slipper and went….


Yes it finally died. Ahhhhhhhhh pure satisfaction….bliss. That will teach you to poop on my undies again!!!!

By now you must think there is something totally wrong with me mentally but if you just figured that one out, I think you’re mentally slow. HEH

Some of you might also think that it’s sickening of me to blog about this but I really don’t care what you think so there! BLEH I think it’s humorous in a very sick way but hey, at least I didn’t like pop it in a microwave and cook it or something. hey that’s not a bad idea…I should try that next time….

Honestly, at that time it wasn’t my intention to torture the little bastard. I just wanted it dead but my intelligence took a dump due to the shock of realizing a cockroach shitted all over my new undies. You can tell my IQ dropped to like -4 when I thought spraying a cockroach with water would kill it. As if water could kill it…sheesh.

I told Rob, the smartass that he is, about my cockroach “saga” and his response was:

My God honey, I’m surprised you didnt wrap it in a couple tissues and place it back in the drawer as a warning to any future cockroaches that might wander into the area.

Needless to say I’m sorta kinda maybe proud of myself.

Ummm…yeah…I’m gonna go back to cleaning my room now. Bye!

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