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HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!

October 31, 2004

BLEH! My dsl was being a pain today. I had download speed at like 34k at one point! I’m paying for 384k speed and i get 10% of it? Got me annoyed. Oh well, it’s all better now so *pat*pat*pat*

I just finished watching The Apprentice. Interesting to watch, though there are some people in it I sooooooooooooo dislike. This girl Omarosa, she gets to me. One minute she’s nice to this girl, Heidi, and the next minute she backstabs her. Don’t you just hate that? I seriously do not like people who are fake. I have seen some fake people in my life, also vain and superficial people who think they own the world and can get away with anything because they seem to think they’re “beautiful”. Reality check, beauty is only skin deep. What’s gonna happen when they get old and wrinkly and no longer so “beautiful”? Hmmmm, I’m like on a roll here. I better stop before I get wordy Hehehe =D

Oh yes, before I forget, Happy Halloween! BOO BOO BOO BOO heh Too bad Halloween isn’t exactly a popular day here in Kuching. Going trick or treating would be fun. FREE CANDY!!! Yum yum yum =)~~ *drool*drool*drool*

I kicked ass today again in dominoes. Heeeeeeeeeeh =D Alright, time for me to get ready for bed. I’m way too tired.


October 30, 2004

I’m SO full!! I think I’m goin to explode. So much for all those calories burnt from playing DDR earlier today. Oh Coffee Bean…I love Coffee Bean, I love cheesecake!!! Ermmmm, yes I know how many calories are in those (I think). Let’s recap what I ate today..HAHA laksa, dim sum, cheesecakes, pasta, vanilla drink thingy and DURIANS (that’s stinky fruit to you Robbie). Hmmm am I missing anything? Nah don’t think so. Yes I am sort of bloated right now *burp*. Note to self: Try not to breathe after burping. It smells really bad after eating durians.

Wooohoooo! I just learnt how to use the Hello program thingy to upload my pics! Heh I’m not computer illiterate after all *big grin* I’ll be posting some pictures soon, pictures I took and pictures I didn’t take, heh. I wish I had a picture of me and Robbie. That would so nice to have. Arrrghhh wish I know more about editing pictures and whatnot.

Oh, I got my rematch today with Robbie and I so kick ass in dominoes! =D I still love you though honey *wink*smirk* Well I gotta be up early tomorrow so I’m gonna haul my butt into bed. Catch ya later.

October 29, 2004

Okay it’s like 15 minutes til this day is over…so that means I still get to post something TODAY. Haha

First up, I had a nice day. Got to spend time with the BiRthDaY GiRL (you know who you are). Ate some nice food (even though the rojak was a lil yucky at one point). Had a nice time with my honey, a game of dominioes (I got my ass kicked today). So, good food good company, basically good STUFF (or shtuff as my partner loves to say) =D

I watched The Terminal with Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta Jones. I must say *claps* pretty good movie, though the storyline is a little illogical. Those who have watched it might agree. I mean how can anyone live in an airport terminal?? I don’t think I’d live in an airport terminal if my country suddenly doesn’t exist anymore (unless I don’t have a choice). It’s kinda like a cute adorable movie. Funny, touching and in a scene or two, sorta romantic.

I’m now listening to “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down *Sigh* Makes me think of Robbie. I miss him. Ok skipping that song..AHHHHH Mandy Moore’s Only Hope…I swear, it’s like I love torturing myself with these mushy gushy love songs lol.

Ok, I think I just had a brain fart so I better stop thinking. Heh

~FiOn~’s LIttLe PaLaCe

October 28, 2004

~FiOn~’s LIttLe PaLaCe


October 28, 2004

oh yes, before I forget, SOMEONE’s birthday is TOMORROW. So ermmmmmmmmm HAPPY BIRTHDAY AH TZE!!! hehehe

here goes…

October 28, 2004

Okay, let’s see if I can get a hang of this blogger thingy stuff. =D After countless tries of posting I think I finally got it. Hurrraaaaaaay! What do I say, what do I say? Hmmmmm. Ya know, I always had a thing for writing, just never got to start anything I guess. Even my own diary gets a posting like once every few months. I wonder how long I will maintain this blog thingy Hehehe =)) We shall wait and see. Over and out.

Testing testing

October 28, 2004

Testing testing…is this thing working?

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