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"I will never be a teacher…"

June 19, 2005

Yet my first job is a….TEACHER…Figures…

Yeah yeah yeah, I know…it’s been a week and no post?!?!

Give me a break, teaching is somewhat freakishly tiring for some reason. BLEH I wake up at about 5.30 every morning to get ready for work. By 6.20 I’m in the kitchen having my morning cup of coffee/milk/tea. And I frantically run out the door by 6.30, out of the house to sit in my car for almost 30 minutes on the road with a handful of idiotic drivers…EVERYDAY.

Then I finish work by 1pm or so, go home..get stuck in traffic for almost another 30 minutes. I get home, feed the dog…sometimes give him a bath THEN I make some food, take a shower and chill out while spending time with Robbie. Before I know it it’s dinner time! I have my dinner…get ready for classes the next day and BOOM it’s 10.30 pm. Time to get some sleep. Problem is I don’t fall asleep right away. I lay there, physically tired while my mind is racing with thoughts until I pass out for the day. So that’s basically what I do day to day except on weekends.

The students are alright but one class really pisses me off most of the time. It’s shame for them though cos when they piss me off, it affects how I teach. I am only human. *shrug* I won’t talk about any particular student on here as it is, well, unprofessional. Plus, you never know one of them would find out about my blog and start passing the link around heh. I know I don’t want the school principal reading this. Lol

In conclusion, this experience is a good one. Now I’m even more certain I’m not a teacher in the making. I really don’t have that much patience with 18/19 year olds. heh


June 11, 2005

Woohooooooooo! I just got back from a girls’ night out. I must say it was a very fun night. It’s been a while since I had that much fun with my friends.

The night started out a little chaotic because plans were altered as Fiona had to do some overtime at work so it was just me and Linda at VA until 9.30 or so. Ladies night started at 7pm and ended at 9pm. We paid RM5 to get in and have all the drinks we want. I had 3 glasses of vodka & mango juice. The bitterness of the vodka mixed with the sweetness of mango juice. I know, weird combination but I like it so BLEH. Linda got a little tipsy after her 4th drink; gin and mango juice. Hehe I was fine at 3 glasses, don’t know what would have happened on drink #4. Perhaps next time I’ll try to go for #4. *wink*

By about 9pm people started dancing and Linda and I were so tempted to go and shake some booty but we were afraid someone would take our table if we left it. So we waited until Fiona came, finished our drinks and just danced until 11 or so. It was a lot of fun. I will admit that some alchohol gave me the guts to dance on the dance floor hehe. I was just doing my own thing, didn’t really care if other people were watching. Plus, it was dark anyway.

I’m sure some would think that I, as a teacher, shouldn’t go to “such places” anymore. I disagree though because I’m still me. I love having a fun night out, dancing and some drinks. It’s not like I’m going out and getting wasted, waking up the next day wondering where I am. Then again, even if some people do that and not let it get in the way of their work it’s fine in my opinion, though it’s not really my cup of tea to do so. Just because I’m a (temp) teacher now, it doesn’t mean I’ll sit at home and read books every night wondering what dumb cheesy joke I’ll tell in class the next day to get their “undivided attention”. Of course, I won’t be going in classes and telling my students to go to this club or that club and order such and such drinks. I remember when I was in Form 6…I went out clubbing with my friends too and the last thing I want is my teachers knowing what we did over the weekend.

Well, my hair is dry and I cleaned the ear wax off my shoulders (It was really loud in the club). I should be getting ready for bed. I start working next Monday. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Fashion Prediction

June 7, 2005

Disclaimer: I shall not be liable for any damages from readers spiting water or any forms of liquids on their computer while reading this post.

Caution: Do not read after a heavy meal. Disgusting image ahead. If any side effects were to occur during the period of reading this post, please consult a doctor.

I predict the fashion of next fall. High-cut G-strings and low-cut hipster jeans. Here’s my model in her favorite stripe top and jeans. She looks absolutely stunning in this combination.

A friend who used another friend’s camera phone took this picture. I was unaware of this sight at first. As I was told to turn around and look, my first expression was *JAW DROP* I have nothing against those who wear g-strings…I mean it doesn’t affect me that you LIKE getting a wedgie. I know I don’t like that feeling but if you do, don’t let me stop you from wanting to feel such pleasure. *snicker*

I can’t really express in words how disgusted I feel when I look at that picture. How humiliating!!! I know I won’t be caught dead wearing a g-string in public. But should you choose to wear g-strings please wear appropriate ones, for the benefit of mankind. I don’t think everyone would enjoy your ass crack partially covered by a g-string. *twitch*

So the next time you go out for a meal AND wear high-cut g-strings with anything over it low-cut, beware…you never know I would be sitting right behind you with my friends who takes pictures of your backside.


June 3, 2005

In loving memory…

This is a continuation of the hole in the fence story. Also, this will be a somber post. My dog died last Saturday at about 10.30 in the morning. I had errands to run prior to that and when I got home at about 9.30 he seemed okay. Just sitting by his cage, panting a lot more than usual. He hadn’t been eating a couple days before so we decided to call the vet to come have a look at him. A while after I got in the house, I thought about the dog and went downstairs to look for him. He wasn’t in his house…wasn’t in the yard…I was worried…walked to the front and there he was on the grass next to the fence, head faced down on the grass (the exact spot the dog before him died). Part of me died with him that day.

He was poisoned, according to symptoms described to the vet. I strongly believe it was the act of the people who tried to break into the house some weeks ago. His mouth was rotten and he was bleeding on top of the snout and near the eyes. It was horrible. I feel angry about how my dog died. He’s still a young one, only about 4 years of age. He still had a lot more years to go. I cried.

The vet was scheduled to check the dog out on Friday evening, but due to rain he called and said, “It was inconvenient” to do so. Ya know, this isn’t the first time this vet pulled a prank like that. A few years ago, we made an appointment with this same vet to come look at our dog. Again, he postponed the house call. That same evening, my dog of 9 years then, died.

Everyone who found out about this automatically thought it was the thief(s) who tried to break in that time we were out of town. My parents and I certainly think so.

So now what’s left is to hope and pray that my dog haunts this person for life. I hope this person dies as horrible as my dog if not worse. I hope his balls and winky rot and fall off. Sorry boys, for making you twitch and looking down at your groin. I’m sure yours won’t fall off…unless you’ve done something this terrible. =P

I love MidValley MegaMall

June 2, 2005

I came back from KL last night. My dad had a meeting there and had left for KL Tuesday morning. So, my mom and I flew over in the morning.

We took the train from KLIA to KL Central to meet him there and then we took the LRT to Midvalley Megamall *drool* I love that place. It’s so freakingly huge. It has absolutely everything and anything that I like which is why I love it so much. I bought shoes shoes and more shoes. LOL I’m starting to be like my mom. She’s shoe crazy. You guys should see her shoe collection. There are nice shoes and then there are the ugly ones in my opinion.

A friend from high school whom I’ve not seen in a year or two met up with me there and spent most of the day with my parents and myself, carrying my shopping bags *snicker* I did tell him that if he wanted to leave, it’s ok since he looked bored but he didn’t leave anyway saying he was meeting someone there later that day. Oh well. =D

We took the 10.30pm flight back to Kuching and I was in first class!!! It was my first time in FIRST class heh Even the flight attendant looked nicer than in economy class. They call you by your last name…e.g “Miss Chai, what would you like for dinner? We have chicken and rice, fish and rice and roti *something*.” AND they have like a cushion thingy for you to rest your legs on (which was heaven for me because I spent all day on my feet SHOPPING! My feet were aching!!!). The seats are HUGE compared to economy class.

Okay okay, I know I sound like a little girl who has never been in first class…wait a minute I AM a girl who never went on first class so BLEH! I enjoyed it as much as I could. Kept asking for “Sprite with a slice of lemon” or “Iced water with a slice of lemon” or “a blanket” or “extra pillows” etc. LOL It was a good experience though. At least, I have an idea on why people would wanna pay so much extra to be in first class.

Well I have to up in 8 hours. Going out tomorrow. YAY!

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