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February 4, 2010

I’ve been busy with work and there are many times I wanna blog but after spending the whole day writing, I can’t be arsed to write anything when I get home.

And when I actually get to writing a post, I end up deleting it because it has no substance or just sounds very lame.

I enjoy the writing part of my job and I think now I can say that I’m used to the hours.

Today I finished writing an article that I’m quite proud of. My goal was to write something that will touch the hearts of people who read it. I showed it to Rob and he liked it a lot. He showed it to his mom and she teared up (I was told).

So with that, I emailed it to the ‘boss’ and we shall see if it gets published. I’m not aiming for a front-pager or anything but I just hope that it touches some people. It’s a sad story but in the end a lesson can be learned from it. 🙂

I had my first experience of being a paparazzi of sorts a few days ago. I’m sure many have read about the 14 year-old student who got bashed up in school but 4 strangers in the local newspaper. If you have no idea about it, refer here.

Anyway I was assigned to do a follow up on that story the day the report was published. Trying my luck with another fellow colleague, we drove to the school where the boy was beaten up to see if we could speak to the principal. Little did we know that when we arrived, several other reporters were already there waiting.

In fact, one reporter told me that a couple of them managed to get into the school undetected but was later ‘escorted out’ by security guards and since then security was tight in the front entrance of the school.

So there we were, about 10 of us, waiting outside the school under the drizzling rain for something to happen. Eventually a VIP showed up at the school and we later found out that there was an investigation going on in the school at that very moment we were outside.

It was later learned that the boy and the father was at the school being interviewed by education officers, so we waited and waited until they came out of the school. Upon seeing us, the father sped off in his car. However, we managed to stop the VIP for some information and comments.

Anyway, my report on that is here. There is another story but it’s not in the website so if you’re interested to read up and have the newspaper, look it up on Wednesday’s (Feb 3) edition.

I pretty much rambled on from north to south, east to west so I’m going to end here for now.

Maybe I will update again in another two months.

Hah! Hope not. 😛

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