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Crystal mooncake

September 30, 2009

Today I went to pick up homemade Ping pi (Crystal mooncake) from a friend of mine, more commonly known in this blog as Soupy. Rob came up with that name, long story for another day.

The first time I tried it was back in 2005 when we were working together. Since then, I’ve been pestering her at almost a yearly basis for ping pi, because it was yummy! 😀

Even comes in a pretty box

After many chants text messages of “ping pi ping pi ping pi ping pi”, she had no choice finally made some for me yesterday. Yes, I have no shame at all. :whistle:



Oh so pretty!

TONS of lotus paste filling


This year she introduced me to something new, agar agar mooncake, which I have never tried before. I have to say they were pretty good!


I found it kinda ironic how much I enjoyed the agar agar mooncake, since I literally got burnt from making plain agar agar last week. Gee I wonder why the agar agar is pinkish? Hmmmmm 😀

With red bean paste filling. YUM


Nom nom nom.

Thank you Siew Pin. ~muah~ 😀

P/S While I was enjoying my mooncakes and taking pictures, guess who was watching by the door?

Leo begging for some mooncakes too

Heow heow heow

September 28, 2009

This is probably one of the best videos I’ve watched on Youtube.

It may not be so funny at first but when you get to the good part (and you will know what it is when you watch it) you will laugh your ass off.  

I laugh so hard I cried.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Pinking (TM) myself

September 21, 2009

Very long post but I hope it’s as entertaining to read as I enjoyed writing it.

Yesterday I made agar agar (gelatinous type dessert). While I was scooping the boiling hot substance into their individual cups/moulds, I poured too hard down one of the cups/moulds and it splattered on my stomach, right below the bellybutton which was totally exposed. The top I was wearing was hanging ABOVE the bellybutton and my shorts sat an inch or so below the bellybutton. I swear it’s almost like I had set it up for myself.

Yes, it hurt like hell and certainly did not tickle. As I looked down and flapped my hands close to my stomach, thinking the breeze would help (don’t ask me why, it was warm in the kitchen anyway) cool off the area, I noticed a layer of transparent agar agar on my skin. So what did I do? I used my thumb and rubbed it off.

Only I was wrong, very fucking wrong. (Excuse the French)


It wasn’t a layer of splattered agar-agar, IT WAS MY EFFING BLISTERING SKIN THAT I RUBBED OFF!

%@^@%$!!#!hADHA^!FFFFFFFFFFFF!!!$@#6666!#$#%!% :((

(Now before you say or think the obvious, allow me to say a few things first, perhaps it could be what you’re thinking.

  1. What the hell was I thinking?!?!?!?
  2. I mean, okay, the liquid splattered on my bare skin but which part of my effing brain ANALysed that once the BOILING agar agar hit my skin, it would straight away harden into a layer of agar agar?!?!?!
  3. Why didn’t I run COLD WATER on my skin?!?!?!?!
  4. I am not exactly stupid (but I do have my moments and this sure as hell was one of them) but WTF was I thinking??????

Okay, I’m done saying what I needed to so back to the story.)

I was in pain, still flapping my hands. It was only then that logic kicked in and I’m suppose to cool down the area with cold water. And so I did. Once again, I realised how stupid challenged I am. Instead of using a wet wash cloth, I used my hands.

Yes dear readers, I cupped my hand, gathered water and then splashed cold water on my burning skin. Oh it gets better. I didn’t just do it once, I did it multiple times, say 3-4 times, before I realised how stupid that idea was.

Suddenly, within a blink of an eye (I am serious), my eyes diverted to a bottle of red colouring on the shelf.

“Oooo! I can make my agar agar pink!”.

Bear in mind, I was still pain from the burn and I was wet from my GREAT idea of cooling the wound down.

So what did I do? I poured the slimy goo of agar agar back into the pot and dropped some red colouring into it and voila, it became pink! Somehow the few minutes (or seconds) I was pinking (TM) the agar agar I forgot about the pain and burning feeling of my open wound.

The things I do for pink stuff.  😐

Only after 10 or so minutes I was burned did I go put aloe gel on it, which I applied very generously consistently over the next few hours, which I later FELT was a big mistake.  #-o

By dinner time, I changed to go out for dinner but still remembered to put aloe gel on my burn. See, I know how to take care of myself! 😀


Half way eating dinner, something didn’t feel right. 

The aloe gel dried out and my denim skirt (big mistake to wear that, oh Shin when will you learn??) was glued to my burn.  

By the time I got home I had no choice but the slowly and painfully seperate my blistering skin from my denim skirt.

The result is this…

It’s a form of pink, right? :dream:

Before you judge me, I normally would remove any unsightly body hair before posting pictures of my skin up but can you blame me for NOT wanting to pluck out hair (which is another major OUCH!) around BURNT area!

The culprit of sorts

See the pink agar agar matches my pink nail polish!

Anyway, other pink things from the last 24 hours.

With Pinkie on the pink bed

I bought a piece of anti-slip mat for my car. The ones I have in my car now are black and old so I figured I could spruce up my car a bit. Again, it really matches my nail polish. =))


My best buy is definitely this pink pair of shoes.

Now I can say I have a pair of Crocs! 😀

The colour is called “Cotton Candy”. So cute right?

Bought it at a very good deal and didn’t burn (pun intended) a hole in my pocket.

P/S  I know this is a bimbotic post but I’m usually not that bimbotic.  :-B

Valentine’s Day 2003

September 18, 2009

Rob and I have known each other for almost 9 years now. Today I reminisce the day he went all out, in an attempt (which he TOTALLY succeeded) to get my attention, I shall say, and to show that he didn’t just like me as a friend. Come to think of it, I now wonder why I haven’t written this post ages ago. Better late than never I suppose.

Okay…it’s story time! :dream:

In 2003, I was in my second semester of the first year of university. A few days before Valentine’s Day, I received messages from Rob asking me if I was going to be home on Friday. Valentine’s Day fell on a Friday that year and I didn’t have class on Fridays for that semester so I always went home on Thursday nights. 

We were “friends” at the time, albeit we were already flirting with each other a bit. ;))

Okay, “a bit” may be an understatement.

I enjoyed chatting with him online. I found him to be funny and sweet. I’m pretty sure at the time sparks were flying all over cyberspace between the two of us. So Rob and I made plans to spend some time chatting on Valentine’s Day. He told me he had planned something for me involving a series of ecards so I should be sitting in front of the computer to receive them right away. I found that interesting so I promised him I would be home all day.

I was never prepared for the events that were to happen on that fateful day.

At about 8.30am the Friday of Valentine’s Day, I was awaken from deep slumber by a phone call from the courier services. Apparently they were going to deliver something to the house. I was confused, who would send me a package? Fifteen or so minutes later, I hear a honk outside the house.

There was a van and a man stepped out of the van with a bouquet of roses. Wait a minute, I thought. That’s the courier man? Holy crap, those are a lot of roses! I sign for the flowers, trying to figure out who they were from and at the same time a series of “OHMYGOD!” went through my head.

There was a card. It said:

 “Shin, you are a wonderful girl, with beautiful eyes and a lovely voice. You are a blessing to this world and a miracle in my life. I adore you sunshine.”

My heart melted for a split second but excitement overtook me. Never in my life have I received flowers of that magnitude! I rushed up to my room, to the laptop and started messaging Rob like crazy. My messages consisted of mostly “OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!”

On the other side of the world (I was later told), Rob was talking with his friend over dinner when his phone started to beep and vibrate like crazy. He flipped open his phone to find messages from me going absolutely insane and he smiled with pure satisfaction. His friend was laughing at the rate of messages that were coming in to his phone. After we exchanged messages back and forth for a bit (I was the one sending most of the messages) I calmed down a little bit.

Less than an hour after the roses arrived, I hear another honk outside. I rushed to see who it was and again there was van! A man stepped out of the car with a package in hand asking for me. Shocked, I sign for the package and went into the house. The sender; Rob! I opened the package to find two toy ladybugs facing each other, touching at the lips. My first instinct was to pull both apart with my hands. A string formed between them as I pull them further apart.

I let go and suddenly, smooching sounds! The ladybugs started moving towards each other, all the while making smooching sounds, and saying “I love you”. It went like this; “*kiss*kiss*kiss* I love you *kiss*kiss*kiss* I love you” over and over again until their lips touched. I was laughing so hard at this point because it was just the cutest thing ever.

I rushed back upstairs once more and messaged Rob like crazy, again. At this rate his phone would’ve exploded from the heat of the vibrations, if that gives you some indication of how many messages I sent him. The messages included, “How did you do it???”, “When did you plan all this???”, “You are a sneaky monkey!”, “OMG!!!! You are sneaky!!!”, “How the heck did you plan all this???” etc. I’m sure you get the picture.

He then messaged me back, saying that’s about it and I believed him!

Little did I know. 😐

At about 3pm, while we were already chatting online, someone was honking outside. Another van! Delivery man handed me another package and I rushed back to my laptop so fast, even I was amazed. I haven’t even opened the package at this point and I was excitedly screaming to Rob, calling him a sneaky monkey. He asked me to open the package first. Lo and behold, looking up at me from the box was a stuffed monkey. I laughed.

Then I noticed a card. I opened it up and read it.

“Thank you for being a part of my life. No one has touched my life as you have. Your kindness inspired me to believe in wonderful things. My spirit cherishes you in all ways. Monkey loves you.”

He loves me.

My heart melted.

No guy has ever said that to me (Well, there was a guy who said “I love you” to me in high school but I think he said it just to impress me or something so it doesn’t count) and meant it. Somehow I knew he meant it and I believed him with all my heart.

Valentine’s Day 2003 was one of the best days of my life.

Thank you for being the best part of my life Robbie.

I’ve never been happier.


I love you 😡 :-*


September 16, 2009

*I uploaded the pictures, pasted the html codes AND THEN FREAKING IE ENCOUNTERED AN ERROR AND IT SHUT DOWN!!! I had to copy paste the codes AGAIN! ^%$#@!*

As many of you already know, I graduated last month. The ceremony was LONGGGGGGG. I got to the university about 7am and the ceremony didn’t start til like 8.30 or so because we were waiting for VIPs. Speech after speech later, the ceremony ended at 12.30pm! It was a crazy hot day and I was sweating like pig underneath the pink(!) gown.

I’ve been asked how it feels to be graduated a couple times and I seriously don’t know how to answer that question. I’m at a loss for words to describe the feeling but it’s not because of happiness. I suppose the journey of reaching the finish line wasn’t what I expected it to be and so it took away from the excitement and happiness, I think? I don’t know. I haven’t quite figured it all out yet. If you follow my blog, you would have somewhat of an idea.

Anyway, I shall let the pictures complete the post.

Yours truly on the big screen

My mom took this pictures as I walked out of the hall

With the parents

Soupy my good friend and hubby came by bearing gifts!



With my favourite Soupy 😀

Somewhere in campus


Library behind us




The picture above is dedicated to Soupy. (Hi!!!! *waves*) I’m actually holding a pink stuffed toy octopus, a gift from Soupy. She gave  it to me simply because it’s PINK. :)) I’ve named the pink octopus Rosie because, well it’s pink, AND the name of the person who gave it to me is Rose. =))

With dirty Leo

This was taken after getting dolled up for studio pictures

For now, I’m not going to post up the pictures I had taken at the studio. I personally think that they Photoshop the pictures too much to the extent that I look plastic but it’s not that bad I suppose because it was pretty cheap. Hehe


The one person I had wished to be there is Rob, because he has helped me so much with my Postgraduate debacle but I guess we can’t always get what we want in life. Either way, I couldn’t have done it without out you baby. 😡 :-*

And now, I continue my job hunt!

Barn Buddy – The End?

September 13, 2009

I still play Barn Buddy on a daily basis but considering taking the game out completely from my Facebook. A few reasons why.

  1. I already bought up ALL the plots in my farm.
  2. I’m now up to level 38 and to get to level 39 I need to acquire 7700 experience points. 😐
  3. And by the time I get to the next level, the only reward I get is “2 strong fertilizer”. Seems kinda pointless now.
  4. I have planted absolutely every single plants about 10 or so times now.
  5. I have bought the chicken…TWICE. It’s still funny watching the chicken jump up and out comes the egg. The chicken then looks between its leg with the look of “That came outta me?!”.
  6. All the weeding and bugging and cleaning up is starting to lose its appeal.
  7. There are some people who make the game less fun than it used to be because of their, shall I say, over competitiveness and seriousness towards the game? I mean after all, it’s only a GAME. :whistle:

Anyway I haven’t completely decided yet. I have nothing much to blog about other than bimbotic things like my favourite new nail polish called Persian Indigo or my collection of shiny hair clips or shoes etc so I will spare you the pain.

Oh yeah, the favicon for my blog is FINALLY up on Internet Explorer. It only took oh, a FEW WEEKS!  8-|

It showed up on the same day when it was uploaded on Firefox. I’m starting to think that IE sucks. Wondering if I should just move over to Firefox.

For some reason, my eyelid hurts when I blink and it itches too. It’s been going on for a couple days now. I hope it’s nothing. The last thing I need is to get sick or something. So I guess that’s my cue to get some early sleep.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Mmm bop

September 11, 2009

If you read my previous post, you would know that I tortured Rob with the Mmmbop song  just a couple days ago.

Anyway, I had a hard time falling asleep that night (serves me right) because I kept having that stupid song in my head. It was like I could hear myself singing that song in my head over and over again. Heck, I even caught myself humming that song while laying in the dark!

The next day (yesterday) I told Rob about my “predicament” of falling asleep the night before.

He laughed at me and threw in a few smartass comments during our conversation.

S: So how did YOU sleep last night?
R: Eh, not too bad. Didn’t fall asleep right away…
S: Oh? How come?
R: Not too sure. BUT I know it wasn’t anything like yours. I wasn’t hearing some song in my head. :smug:
R: =))
S:  That was a low blow!
R: *proudly* Oh it SO was

After we said goodnight yesterday (after he  made fun of me not being able to fall asleep), he messages me on the phone 30 minutes later saying “Damnit! That song is in my head now! I went to the bathroom and damn near hum that song! You suck!”. My reply to him was simply “LOL”. I get nothing from him, until 15 minutes later saying “It won’t get out of my head! Make it stop!!!”


So now that we both have that song severely implanted in our heads, I shall attempt to spread it to the rest of you. I can’t embed the original music video of the song here from Youtube, I guess for copyright reasons, so here’s a link to it

I did however find a live version in case you’re too lazy to click the link above. Enjoy getting the song OUT of your head! 😀


P/S: Check out all those screaming girls! Yes I probably would be one of them if given the chance at the time *hangs head in shame* =))


September 9, 2009

So today is 9 September 2009 (09/09/09). I’m sure a gazillion people are getting married today since the number 9 is believed to be an auspicious number for the Chinese, which means forever (or eternity or long-lasting, you get the point) in the case of getting married.

I’m not that superstitious to believe that a marriage will last forever just because a couple marries on this date. But I’m not saying it’s wrong for others to believe in it. I mean I guess it helps prolong (for the lack of other terms) the marriage when you have that mentality in mind because you would try harder, I think? *shrug*

Either that or you just get married on this day because you won’t forget easily the date of your anniversary, therefore you wife-to-be won’t be nagging you about it. ;))

I really don’t know.


I was driving earlier today and had the radio on. Suddenly the song “Mmmbop” by Hanson came on air. I’m sure almost everyone reading this will know what song that is. If not, look it up on Youtube. Now, Rob and I have discussed that song before and he basically said that it was THE most annoying song ever. The second I heard the song on the radio, I immediately called him.

R: Hello? (very confused because I had already called him earlier)
S: Hi honey! I want you to listen to something
R: Okay….? What?
S: Okay, hang on.

*Cue me turning up the volume*

Mmm bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, Ba du dop
Ba du bop, Ba du dop
Ba du

R: …..
S: Do you hear it?
R: Yeah…
S: You know what song that is?
R: Yeah…I think so…
S: Are you ssssssssure?
S: :))
R: *making vomiting sounds*

We hung up after the song ended. Later this afternoon, we talked about my little spontaneous phone call.

S: So you still have that song in your head? :))
R: Yes…
S: :))
R: You suck!
S: :))
R: Oh you really suck!
S: I know :)) Mmmbop ba du dop
R: :puke:
S: Oh admit it, you like that song!
R: Maybe…
S: Oh I’m so getting that song now!

Twenty minutes or so later, we both got the song. We played it and sang together to the song, all the while bopping our heads and laughing our asses off. It was fantastic! I think Rob secretly enjoys that song even though he doesn’t wanna admit it. =))

I had a wonderful 09/09/09. How about you?

Happy 09/09/09 everyone!


September 7, 2009

I have been wanting to get Famous Amos cookies for a while now and the flavour I absolutely love is the macademia cookies, without the chocolate chips.  The thing is Kuching’s Famous Amos’ don’t sell that specific flavour, even at the airport. I’ve asked many times. I used to buy the cookies in KLIA but now that much of my travelling days are over, I don’t get any chances to buy any.

I find the chocolate chip macademia cookies very sweet and the Famous Amos’ in Kuching have those. So anyway, I was at Boulevard with the parents the other night and the mall had a Famous Amos store. (They also have a stall at the lower ground). I was curious enough to wander in there to check if they have the macademia cookies. As I peeked through the transparent containers where the cookies were, a guy who I assumed to be the manager literally raced over and asked if he could help me with anything.

I then asked whether they have just the macademia cookies and he said “Yes”. I was confused because the label I saw said “Chocolate chip macademia cookies” and so I repeated myself, saying I just wanted the macademia cookies, with NO chocolate chips. He then told me that they DO have it but they mix it up in the pile of chocolate chip macademia cookies but they do not sell JUST macademia cookies.

Before I could say anything he instructed a girl over the counter to make a fresh batch of the macademia cookies. I was stunned and thought maybe I heard wrong. At this point the girl was already looking for what I assumed to be the macademia cookie dough.

I felt kinda awkward (for the lack of other terms) and asked if it will take long to bake the cookies. She informed me “About 15-20 minutes so I have time to let the cookies cool down”. I was like :-O

She was REALLY going to make a new batch just for me. Feeling self-conscious, I lied and told her she didn’t have to do that for me because I was leaving anyway. Perhaps next time.

She responded by saying there was another way I could get the cookies faster. She offered to PICK OUT just the macademia cookies from the pile of chocolate chip macademia cookies. Again, I was STUNNED. :-O

I told her it was okay because I found that to be way too troublesome. I mean I was only going to buy like 100g so it wouldn’t even be cost effective for the store. ;))

She assured me it was no problem at all because (and I quote) she didn’t “have much to do now so it’s ok” so cheerfully and started picking out cookies! As she was choosing the cookies I jokingly said to her “If I had ordered 500g of the cookies you wouldn’t be doing this would you?” She laughed, saying she would if it wasn’t that busy and continued picking, all the while smilling!

Few minutes later, voila! I got my bag of macademia cookies. How cool was that?! Okay, maybe it’s not THAT cool but I still think it is so there. 😛

I am seriously impressed with the Famous Amos at Boulevard and the people they hire. They are friendly, helpful and very polite. It’s very rare in Kuching. Remember my many rants about bad service and rude staff in this blog? I am very impressed indeed.

I don’t think I will go back there and ask the staff to pick out a certain flavour of cookies for me from a huge-ass pile but I certainly will buy cookies from them whenever I get my Famous Amos cravings, rather than driving to the airport where the staff are RUDE.

So, to all of you Famous Amos cookie lovers in Kuching, go patronize the store at Boulevard.

P/S  No, I was not paid to write this. They didn’t even know I was going to. I’m just sharing my experience.

Wet Dog Smell

September 1, 2009

Today I decided to help out my dad by giving Leo a bath. He really did smell and flies were enjoying the “scent” of his body.

Since I have had some free time lately, I’ve been grooming him little by little. Initially he ressisted and attempted to nip me here and there but nothing violent. Now he has knows that no matter what he does I will keep snipping off chunks of his dried-out-mud-coated fur. I have to say I am quite pleased with the results. Anyway, back to his bath.

His whole bath took me over an hour. I was scrubbing off mud and spraying water on him. I think I scrubbed him with soap 2-3 times, he was that dirty. The last step was to use some organic lavender scented shampoo that did smell good on him every time my dad bathed him. I let him soak in the shampoo for a few minutes, which was instructed on the shampoo bottle to ward off ticks and fleas, while I cleaned out his cage. The darn dog barked like crazy because he HAD to chase the broom I was using around.

After I was done, I went back to him and started spraying water at him. At this point I was squating down and using my hands to scrub off the foam that had build up. I could still smell his stink! I looked him in the eye and said “You still stink dog!” He looked back at me with the most pitiful eyes as if I have wronged him in so many ways by what I said.

Something struck me as strange so I leaned forward and sniffed the top of his head. He smelled great, very lavenderly! I looked down at myself, all wet and strands of the dog’s fur down my legs. I turned to my right shoulder and sniffed.

Holy crap! It was me that stunk! I smelled like a wet dog! :puke:

I looked back at Leo and said “Sorry, I’m the one who stinks!”. He responded by wagging his tail and his eyes twinkling, almost as if he was laughing at me from the inside.  :))

I quickly finished his bath and gave him a treat. I rushed upstairs to take a shower, scrubbing myself down, hoping to get rid of that wet dog stench. Heck I even washed my hair twice, thinking the smell was in my hair! Even after I was done with my almost-30-minute-shower I swear I could still smell Leo’s stench!

I think it was just my nose playing tricks on me because the entire during dinner, neither of the parents complained that I smelled funky or anything of the sorts.

Either that or they are just too used to Leo’s stench that they couldn’t tell.  😐

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