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July 27, 2005

Been sick since I got back from my KL trip. Wait a minute? Yes, I went over to KL last weekend. Shop shop shop shop. How I wish I can get paid for shopping. That would be a total dream job for yours truly *snicker*

The night I came back I started sneezing like crazy and have been sick since then. Just a cold, nothing major like that last time I got sick. Throat infection=BAD, cold=not-so-bad teeheehee.

Form 6 just finished their monthly tests today so at the moment I’m pretty busy grading tests. Finals are starting at the end of September which is fairly fast. Technically the school holidays start on the second week of November but St Thomas is starting the holidays earlier on the 29th October. WOOT! And then a few days after that Robbie is coming to see me!!! *jumps in joy*

Well I better run. Gotta make some notes for the rascals tomorrow.

Au revoir!


July 19, 2005


Robbie is coming to see me!!!

Robbie is coming in November!!!
Robbie is coming for my birthday!!!
Robbie is staying for Christmas!!!
Robbie is staying for New Year!!!
Robbie is staying over 2 months!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I’m so excited!!! I’m so restless!!!

Heh..I think I feel better now…NOT! Who am I kidding?!?! I’m still hyper and excited. Yes I know it’s not until another 3 months or so but I’m still excited. Air tickets are booked. Accomodations are booked (I scored a KILLER deal =D). YAY!!!

Okay, now I have to finish some work BLEHHHHH

Short post…

July 9, 2005

I’ve always thought teaching was an easy job. Boy, was I wrong. Add the fact that students continue to annoy and irritate me day in day out. In fact, some PISS ME OFF some days. UGH! Teenagers are such a pain in my BIG FAT ASS!

This weekend is the RainForest concert/festival thingy again. I missed it again. I hear it’s a great event to attend..lots of fun but I just never got to wanting to go for some reason. Oh well…maybe next year. *snickers*

I’m tired…bed time *thud*

How the Malaysian civil sector SUCKS!

July 4, 2005

Yes, I know there hasn’t been any posts for a couple weeks now, so now you may stop whining about new posts (that is if people actually read this).

A few weeks ago, I had the ‘pleasure’ of ‘visiting’ the Resident Office in town where I needed to get a document “autographed” by one of the officers (buttheads). I will explain in further detail as to why I label them as buttheads.

I reached there at about 2.30pm hoping to get the papers signed quickly and go about my business. But to my HORROR *gasp*, when I got there the person whose signature I needed was away at a “meeting” and will be back soon, I was told. I then asked one of the staff what time Mr. I-need-your-signature will be back. She said “shortly”.

So I sat around for about 15 minutes which is what shortly means to me. Then another 15 minutes…then another…I grew impatient and asked the staff if someone else could sign the papers. Yes, there WAS someone who could do that other than the person who was in the meeting. He’s in the second floor. GEEZ Why didn’t you tell me THAT when I ROT in my casket???

I went to the second floor, excited that I could get the stupid papers signed so that I could go home and do something more productive like….watch TV (BLEH). I reached the second floor and asked for that person…and guess what? He was in a “meeting” (too), I’m told. I sat and waited some more.

By about 4.oopm MIRACULOUSLY both of them showed up at the same time. They weren’t in meeting. They were OUT for TEA TIME. How do I know? I heard one of the ladies there complained to them that a bunch of us were waiting for him to sign those papers (I forgot I wasn’t the only person there waiting to get some papers signed by the buttheads). After the signature the documents needed to be stamped with some official logo and crap. That took a while as well…I mean it’s just so HARD and complicated to stamp a piece of paper.

In conclusion, to get a piece of paper signed and stamped takes about 2 hours…and that my readers is why the public service sector SUCKS! It’s inefficient AND unproductive. Now, does working 5 days a week make any sense?? Yeah I’m sure their productivity and efficiency will rocket through the atmosphere.

I DON’T THINK SO. Enough said.

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