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Valentine’s Day 2003

September 18, 2009

Rob and I have known each other for almost 9 years now. Today I reminisce the day he went all out, in an attempt (which he TOTALLY succeeded) to get my attention, I shall say, and to show that he didn’t just like me as a friend. Come to think of it, I now wonder why I haven’t written this post ages ago. Better late than never I suppose.

Okay…it’s story time! :dream:

In 2003, I was in my second semester of the first year of university. A few days before Valentine’s Day, I received messages from Rob asking me if I was going to be home on Friday. Valentine’s Day fell on a Friday that year and I didn’t have class on Fridays for that semester so I always went home on Thursday nights. 

We were “friends” at the time, albeit we were already flirting with each other a bit. ;))

Okay, “a bit” may be an understatement.

I enjoyed chatting with him online. I found him to be funny and sweet. I’m pretty sure at the time sparks were flying all over cyberspace between the two of us. So Rob and I made plans to spend some time chatting on Valentine’s Day. He told me he had planned something for me involving a series of ecards so I should be sitting in front of the computer to receive them right away. I found that interesting so I promised him I would be home all day.

I was never prepared for the events that were to happen on that fateful day.

At about 8.30am the Friday of Valentine’s Day, I was awaken from deep slumber by a phone call from the courier services. Apparently they were going to deliver something to the house. I was confused, who would send me a package? Fifteen or so minutes later, I hear a honk outside the house.

There was a van and a man stepped out of the van with a bouquet of roses. Wait a minute, I thought. That’s the courier man? Holy crap, those are a lot of roses! I sign for the flowers, trying to figure out who they were from and at the same time a series of “OHMYGOD!” went through my head.

There was a card. It said:

 “Shin, you are a wonderful girl, with beautiful eyes and a lovely voice. You are a blessing to this world and a miracle in my life. I adore you sunshine.”

My heart melted for a split second but excitement overtook me. Never in my life have I received flowers of that magnitude! I rushed up to my room, to the laptop and started messaging Rob like crazy. My messages consisted of mostly “OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!”

On the other side of the world (I was later told), Rob was talking with his friend over dinner when his phone started to beep and vibrate like crazy. He flipped open his phone to find messages from me going absolutely insane and he smiled with pure satisfaction. His friend was laughing at the rate of messages that were coming in to his phone. After we exchanged messages back and forth for a bit (I was the one sending most of the messages) I calmed down a little bit.

Less than an hour after the roses arrived, I hear another honk outside. I rushed to see who it was and again there was van! A man stepped out of the car with a package in hand asking for me. Shocked, I sign for the package and went into the house. The sender; Rob! I opened the package to find two toy ladybugs facing each other, touching at the lips. My first instinct was to pull both apart with my hands. A string formed between them as I pull them further apart.

I let go and suddenly, smooching sounds! The ladybugs started moving towards each other, all the while making smooching sounds, and saying “I love you”. It went like this; “*kiss*kiss*kiss* I love you *kiss*kiss*kiss* I love you” over and over again until their lips touched. I was laughing so hard at this point because it was just the cutest thing ever.

I rushed back upstairs once more and messaged Rob like crazy, again. At this rate his phone would’ve exploded from the heat of the vibrations, if that gives you some indication of how many messages I sent him. The messages included, “How did you do it???”, “When did you plan all this???”, “You are a sneaky monkey!”, “OMG!!!! You are sneaky!!!”, “How the heck did you plan all this???” etc. I’m sure you get the picture.

He then messaged me back, saying that’s about it and I believed him!

Little did I know. 😐

At about 3pm, while we were already chatting online, someone was honking outside. Another van! Delivery man handed me another package and I rushed back to my laptop so fast, even I was amazed. I haven’t even opened the package at this point and I was excitedly screaming to Rob, calling him a sneaky monkey. He asked me to open the package first. Lo and behold, looking up at me from the box was a stuffed monkey. I laughed.

Then I noticed a card. I opened it up and read it.

“Thank you for being a part of my life. No one has touched my life as you have. Your kindness inspired me to believe in wonderful things. My spirit cherishes you in all ways. Monkey loves you.”

He loves me.

My heart melted.

No guy has ever said that to me (Well, there was a guy who said “I love you” to me in high school but I think he said it just to impress me or something so it doesn’t count) and meant it. Somehow I knew he meant it and I believed him with all my heart.

Valentine’s Day 2003 was one of the best days of my life.

Thank you for being the best part of my life Robbie.

I’ve never been happier.


I love you 😡 :-*

Valentine’s Day 2009: The Bottomless Pit

March 15, 2009

This year for Valentine’s Day Rob did something totally different compared to the usual bouquet of roses. This year I received what I lovingly call “The Bottomless Pit”.

The package arrived late, a couple days after V-day even though Rob had paid for it to arrive on time. Typical Malaysian postal service. Pftttt

One thing I was glad for was that I didn’t get hosed by Customs Department when I picked up the package. They gave me the package and I swiftly walked away from the counter.


Anyway I had an idea of what was going to be in the package but I was never prepared for what I saw. The reason I call it a bottomless pit is because as I unpacked the package, there were layers and layers of stuff in there. It was like it didn’t end. I swear it took me almost 15 minutes to unpack the whole thing. The package consisted of a variety of stuff like…

Scrunchies, candy…

Almond M&Ms, strawberry shower gel and body lotion

More candy, stationary, breadsticks, stickers

ANOTHER layer of candy (!)

More candy..

Candy and nail stickers..


And the last layer is one of the things I missed most from Chicago; breadsticks from a restaurant called Artemis. They are THE BOMB!

I remember from my first trip over that the breadsticks were really good. So this last time I visited Rob I knew I wanted to go back to Artemis and be a glutton. Since the breadsticks were free (they come in a little basket on each table) I was determined to eat as much as I can. We went with Rob’s parents too and as dinner was coming to an end, I took a couple packs of breadsticks and put them in my purse.

Then Rob’s mom surprised me. She grabbed a whole handful of breadsticks and started shoving them in my purse. She didn’t just do it once or twice, she grabbed EVERYTHING in the basket. Thinking about it now makes me laugh because I really didn’t think she was the type to do that. The type I mean is the cheapo like me that feels that free stuff is ALWAYS a good thing. What can I say? I embrace my inner Cina. 😛


And this is how everything looks like on my bed…


As you can already tell I’m easily pleased with simple things like candy, breadsticks and stationary. Hehe

Hope you guys had a wonderful V-day. =D

I miss

September 24, 2008

*Emo post ahead. You have been warned.*

It’s been a month since I’ve been home and I still miss you like crazy. In fact, it seems like I miss you more and more everyday.

I miss…
seeing that sparkle in your eyes when you laugh,
waking up in the morning and seeing you next to me,
hearing your snores now and then,
your “somersault” flips while you sleep that end up waking me,
your smugs when you say something sarcastic,
looking at you when we talk,
going grocery shopping with you,
watching you when you don’t realize it
walking next to you,
holding your hand
sharing food with you
feeding you french fries while you drive
hugging and kissing you
snuggling and cuddling you
playing with your hair
tickling you
your smile

Most of all I miss being able to love you next to me.

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I miss you Robbie.

P/S: Campak Leong, I’m working on the roadtrip post. Be patient 😛

Happy Anniversary Robear

April 1, 2008

Today is our anniversary. By anniversary I mean my and Rob’s anniversary. Five years…


Dear Robbie,

Thank you for loving me for 5 years. Although our relationship isn’t perfect and at times (as much as I hate to admit it) I piss you off to no conceivable end, I do love you with all my heart. Despite my flaws; physically, mentally and spiritually, you still love me the way that you do. For that, I am blessed. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you and all of eternity thereafter.

Happy 5th Anniversary.

Forever yours,


Happy Birthday Robbie

January 27, 2008

It’s your birthday today,
How I wish I was there,
So we can go out and play,
And have nothing to care.

It’s your birthday today,
How I wish I was there,
So I can look in your eyes and say
I love you very much Robear.

Happy Birthday Baby!

Merry X’mas

December 24, 2007

It’s Christmas eve (like duh!) and I’m missng Rob more than ever. This time last year we were shopping and went to his company’s Christmas party. On Christmas Day we were at his brother’s place eating dinner. It’s kind of a sad Christmas for us both because we spent the last 2 Christmas’ together and this year, we can’t.

Anyway, I’m gonna start working on my thesis for the day. Just wanted to wish you, yes you, a Merry Christmas!

I got elfed!

November 23, 2007

Rob sent me this link yesterday. I never expected to see what I saw. It’s way to funny.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to embed the flash player on to my blog. It would’ve been a lot easier for my readers.

This is too funny not to pass on. You guys really HAVE TO try it out.

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