Embracing my inner glutton

June 4, 2009

Today I embraced the glutton in me. I had a headache this afternoon and suddenly something triggered my brain, sending signals that I really NEEDED something sweet. So I went downstairs and raided my secret stash of candy (which Rob had generously contributed to this past Valentine’s Day). First I ate a 220 calories piece of Russell Stover chocolate. Yes, I have been saving it up for this long. (I still have more by the way 😛 ) Then again, I’m not so much a chocolate junkie. I just get bursts of cravings once in a while, and then I go ape shit on the sugary evil chocolates.

So anyway, 220 calories for A PIECE OF CHOCOLATE. It wasn’t a big piece, it was more like the size of a 50 cent coin. Heck, I could have eaten A BAR of Whatchamacallit that was 210 calories(!) which would be about 4 times bigger than that piece of chocolate. What the heck was I thinking?!

Oh it didn’t just end there. Me? Just ONE piece of chocolate? Yeah right, you’ve got to be kidding me. When I start, I end it good. 😉 I had to have more. But only after I used my tongue to scrape off the remnants of chewy chocolatey caramel heavens that were stuck on my teeth. 

Then, I ate a Butterfinger bar. Since there were a couple that were crushed along the way in the mail, I opened one up and because it was all broken into tiny pieces, I poured the whole damn thing in my mouth. Yes, all of it in one go. I started to munch…the crunchy peanutbuttery goodness, almost melting in my mouth, MMMmmm MMMMMmmm MMMMmmmmmm =P~

In case you’re wondering…yes, I had another candy bar. Baby Ruth. It was GOOD. The chocolate covered peanuts, the caramel, the chewy nougat….holy crap it was like there was a party going on in my mouth. My tastebuds were thanking me! I chewed and chewed and chewed. It was so good I didn’t want to stop chewing. I then realized that I had better stop myself at candy bar #3.  Again, I swirled my tongue around for excess candy bar on the teeth (and please don’t pretend that you don’t do that and make it sound like I’m a disgusting pig…oh wait I am a pig :@) errr…never mind.)

I gulped down a glass of water and put the rest of my candy away. I shall save them for my next craving. :smug:

If by now you’re not craving for some form of candy, I salute you. If you are craving for candy, it really isn’t my fault that you’re weak. I know I’m weak. O:-)

Thought I would share the highlight of my day…

Okay, time to skidaddle and do some work!

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