Tuning out

July 23, 2009

For those of you who don’t already know this, Rob and I try to talk everyday for at least 2 hours at a time. We talk about absolutely everything and anything under the sun, no matter how weird, corny, tasteless, dirty, ridiculous etc You get the point. Yesterday he started talking about computer stuff…

R: You know that computer that *insert name* gave me? Well I was trying to fix it up and I need this *insert part name*. I saw it on eBay for auction and it was about $38…

S: ….

R: *as he went about explaining exactly what part he needs*

S: ….

R: Are you still there?

S: Take note that I’m trying to tune you out :smug:

R: Oh you suck!

S:  I know! :))

R:  😐    Fine, I won’t tell you about it.

S: Really? That’s great! :smug:

R: …..

S: You really wanna tell me about this don’t you?

R: Nope, don’t need to.

S: Okay, cool.  😀

R: …..

S: *snicker*

A couple minutes of silence goes by…

S: I know you really want to tell me. You’re just holding out.

R: Nope, I’m okay. I don’t have to tell you.

S: Okay, suit yourself.

Then we started to talk about something trivial. When there was a pause of silence…

S: So you’re really not going to discuss geek stuff with me?

R: Nope. I’m good.

S: Okay, just so you know I KNOW YOU WANT TO TELL ME   :))

R: Nuh uh. I’m good.

Another few minutes goes by…

R: Okay fine! I’ll tell you!

S:  =))

R:  😐

S:  ROFLMAO Oh yeah, sure, make it sound like I’m forcing you to tell me.


S:   =))

R: *attempts not to laugh*

And that brings our score to: Shin – 537209, Rob – 450

And he told me all about buying a broken computer for the parts that he can use to upgrade his “project computer” as he calls it. (Update: I have gathered more information. Rob told me he has a “few” project computers. Two in the living room, 2 in the dog room and 1 on his bedroom floor). Before any of you think I was serious about tuning him out, it was all for fun. Ya know, me being a smartass and all. We joke around all the time.

*Update #2*

Rob just saw the update and he said “OH YOU SUCK!” Then I said I have to do another update and if I didn’t it would be a travesty to justice. To which he again said “YOU STILL SUCK!”.

*Update #3*

Rob just said that the laksa I had this morning must have stimulated my “sarcasm gland”.


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