Badly bruised ego

July 1, 2007

This is quite embarrassing for me to say but…

I fell down today….

into a…

longkang (drain).

Now I’ve always had a hard time imagining how one can be so stupid as to fall into a longkang. Today, I was the stupid one. I really don’t want to go into details because it’s embarrassing but I’m sure some of you out there need something to laugh at, so I shall try to explain the best I can as to how this happened.

I was walking on grassy surface in an outdoor parking lot and to step off the grassy area I had to walk over a longkang. I successfully went over the longkang with my left foot but as I stepped forward with my right foot, I stepped into a hole that was not visible to the eye because it was filled with grass. When that happened my right foot kinda got confused and moved backwards causing my left foot to fall back into the longkang while I lost my balance and slammed the grass with my FAT ASS. Yes, I had one foot in the longkang and another on the grassy side. Also I have to say that the longkang was quite deep. I don’t remember exactly how big this longkang is but let’s just say I could fit in it standing and that it was up to my hips. Just picture me making a number “7” with my legs and you pretty much can see how it looked.

As if that wasn’t enough, this happened with a few people watching and gasping. I seriously didn’t know where to hide my face. So, I got up (albeit very ungracefully) and put on a brave face and acted like nothing happened, and walked into the store.

Here are the results from yours truly’s “mishap”:

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Fresh wound

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After cleaning with hydrogen peroxide

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On the foot

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On the finger

I have some bruises on my left hip and lower stomach as well but I’m not going to show the world layers of my FAT. As if I don’t torture you guys enough with my words. =P

Anyway as soon as I came home I cleaned the cuts and bruises with antiseptic and hydrogen peroxide. Me being the “tough” girl I THOUGHT I was didn’t bother to dilute the hydrogen peroxide with water as indicated in the instructions. I applied on the cuts and bruises. Within seconds I was jumping/hopping/cringing/cursing around from the sting. Even my uncut fingers suffered the corroding white effects of the mighty hydrogen peroxide.

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Oooo! I can see my fingerprints!

Rob the smartass said this to me today: “have a nice trip…. see ya next fall… I don’t think you understand the gravity of this situation…. its such a good deal I think you should DIVE right in”. Yes, all puns intended. For those of you who don’t get the hilarity of it, re-think the meanings of the italicised words. Ya know, fall can be autumn as in the season and it is also the past tense of fell…get it?

So did you have a good laugh? Have I made your day with my misfortune? I did? Great. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to find a rock and hide under it until this “incident” is forgotten although I highly doubt it considering I just typed it all out for the whole world to see and to see again and again.

From your friendly tripper blogger, I’m signing off.

P/S I know I said I was going to post up sun halo pictures but would you rather see pictures of that than read about me making a number 7 with one leg in the drain? Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

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