Wet Dog Smell

September 1, 2009

Today I decided to help out my dad by giving Leo a bath. He really did smell and flies were enjoying the “scent” of his body.

Since I have had some free time lately, I’ve been grooming him little by little. Initially he ressisted and attempted to nip me here and there but nothing violent. Now he has knows that no matter what he does I will keep snipping off chunks of his dried-out-mud-coated fur. I have to say I am quite pleased with the results. Anyway, back to his bath.

His whole bath took me over an hour. I was scrubbing off mud and spraying water on him. I think I scrubbed him with soap 2-3 times, he was that dirty. The last step was to use some organic lavender scented shampoo that did smell good on him every time my dad bathed him. I let him soak in the shampoo for a few minutes, which was instructed on the shampoo bottle to ward off ticks and fleas, while I cleaned out his cage. The darn dog barked like crazy because he HAD to chase the broom I was using around.

After I was done, I went back to him and started spraying water at him. At this point I was squating down and using my hands to scrub off the foam that had build up. I could still smell his stink! I looked him in the eye and said “You still stink dog!” He looked back at me with the most pitiful eyes as if I have wronged him in so many ways by what I said.

Something struck me as strange so I leaned forward and sniffed the top of his head. He smelled great, very lavenderly! I looked down at myself, all wet and strands of the dog’s fur down my legs. I turned to my right shoulder and sniffed.

Holy crap! It was me that stunk! I smelled like a wet dog! :puke:

I looked back at Leo and said “Sorry, I’m the one who stinks!”. He responded by wagging his tail and his eyes twinkling, almost as if he was laughing at me from the inside.  :))

I quickly finished his bath and gave him a treat. I rushed upstairs to take a shower, scrubbing myself down, hoping to get rid of that wet dog stench. Heck I even washed my hair twice, thinking the smell was in my hair! Even after I was done with my almost-30-minute-shower I swear I could still smell Leo’s stench!

I think it was just my nose playing tricks on me because the entire during dinner, neither of the parents complained that I smelled funky or anything of the sorts.

Either that or they are just too used to Leo’s stench that they couldn’t tell.  😐

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