I’m allergic to mussels

May 20, 2007

Remember I talked about having a gassy/bloated stomach a few days ago? Well, it has gotten worse since then. I’m getting churns and occasional sharp pains on my left side. To make matters worse, I had gotten my bloody curse on Friday. So, add (literally) bloody cramps to the equation! I have been miserable since Friday. The feeling comes and goes so just when I think I’m feeling better, I get those churns and sharp pains again. I also feel nauseous and have been getting diarrhoea the last couple days.

It seemed to be getting worse so I caved in went to see the doctor. It’s been 3 days and normally I don’t get menstrual pain that long. My body temperature was a little higher than normal so the doctor checked for appendics but I was okay. I tried to explain to him what I felt in the stomach but it was hard because it’s a combination of a few things.

The doctor did his checkup on me and concluded that I have some sort of bacteria in my intestines cause I was allergic to something I ate. On Wednesday night, I had some mussels for dinner. Within 30 minutes, I felt an uncomfortable poke in my stomach. So I guess it was the mussels. Who would have thought that mussels would make anyone feel THAT bad.

Now, I have a bunch of pills to take and some rehydration salt to mix with water that tastes bland yet has a salty smell to it. I SO don’t like it. I almost gagged when I took a sip the first time. Yuck!

Well, I’m gonna get some rest now. My stomach is not being friendly.

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