What a nice week…

May 26, 2007

Sorry I have not been updating much this week. Been busy with everyday stuff and working on Chapter 2. It has been a good week for me because…

  1. My tumy doesn’t hurt anymore!
  2. I got a new phone! After about two and a half years of using the same phone, I caved in and got a new one. Actually, it was my dad who bought me the phone, to be exact. It’s a Nokia N72. It’s not that popular here in Malaysia so it took me a few days to finally find it because most stores don’t have it in stock. Furthermore the color I wanted, which is PINK(!) is even more rare. I almost gave up and wanted to get a black one and then buy a pink casing for it. But Rob said I must keep looking and I found it! In his exact words,” You have to get the pink phone honey! It matches your blog!” Bleh, make me sound like such a bimbo. I LOVE MY PINK PHONE! I’ll post up pics soon.
  3. My mom came back from Perth bearing gifts for me! Clothes, shoes, haircare products and chocolates!!! I have new clothes. YAY! Like I mentioned before, due to my size it’s kinda hard to get clothes here in Kuching. So when I say I’m fat and have a big ass, I’m really not kidding.
  4. The supervisor is helping me with the scholarship application. Apparently, he had a conversation with the head of the scholarship committee and brought up my case. Guess what? Remember all that crap the dean was telling me about being not eligible to apply? Well, the dean is a lying cheating scumbag. He NEVER talked to the head of the scholarship committee. So, on Monday the supervisor asked me to give him all the relevant documents to apply and he will personally go see the dean to get his signature and if he doesn’t want to sign it, the supervisor will ask him to put in comments in the form as to why he refuses. When that’s done, supervisor will personally hand in the application to the head of the scholarship committee. So nice of him! =D

I just got back from playing badminton and I’m a little sore. Took a hot warm shower and I should work on Chapter 2. Going to bed soon though cause I have plans tomorrow morning.


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