Rainbow pills

November 20, 2008

I finally caved in and went to the doctor’s yesterday. I came home with an array of coloured meds. My favourite is, of course, the pink ones.

Yes, these are the meds that make me feel floaty. They really knocked me out unconscious 15 minutes or so after taking them. In fact, the dose I took around noon is still making me feel light-headed, even after I fell asleep for an hour.

A throat infection is what I have. I practically lost my voice and hardly ate (for my size ) in the last few days. Today I’m starting to get my appettite back and ate almost half of dinner, which is a good sign that I’m getting better.

Not only do I have a throat infection, I have been hit with the bloody curse, if you know what I mean. In addition to “battling” the worst sore throat EVER, I also have to deal with cramps, REALLY nasty cramps.

Oh what a fun week. Can’t wait to see what happens next week.

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