Melted cake anyone?

May 6, 2008

I still haven’t gotten my laptop back. BLEH I hope I get it back soon.

Last night I went to the Secret Recipe in town to satisfy my craving for cake. Upon reaching the counter I ordered two different cakes, one, the White Chocolate Macademia and two, the Walnut Brownie.

I saw the girl take the Walnut Brownie but did not see her take a slice of the White Chocolate Macademia cake. A minute later she is packing two boxes of cakes into a bag and proceeded to the cash register. Confused I said “One Brownie and one White Chocolate Macademia right?” She nods. Strange…then I said “Oh ok…I didn’t see you take the Macademia cake”. She looks at me with a blank face and asked for however-much-money-it-cost-I-forgot.

After paying up I still felt strange cause I really didn’t see her take a slice of the Macademia cake. I got into the car and opened the boxes of cakes. The brownie was there but something was strange with the other box. In black ink it was written “Macademia” on it. Since when does Secret Recipe label what cake is in what box? Imagine my disgust when I opened the box to find a white chocolate cake smeared to the side of the box, melting. It was gooey and looked like it had been sitting out for a long time on the counter.

Pissed I waltzed back into the place, got to the counter and raised my voice. I said rather loudly so most of the people there, ESPECIALLY the customers could hear, “How come you gave me a cake like this????” The girl who took my order still gave me a blank look. ARGHHHH!!! A “manager” was there and this lady worked for Coffee Bean prior. I had an argument with her at Coffee Bean before because she was SO RUDE and OBNOXIOUS and she was just a barista at the time. That’s another story entirely.

Anyway, blank-look-girl FINALLY opened the fridge and got me a new piece of cake. I continued to say “You didn’t even get me a new cake in the first place, why?” Still no answer. Manager apologizes a couple times. I left pissed.

It is seriously ASSININE how these people think and work. Do they not get any training at all? Why the hell would you give a customer cake that has been sitting on the counter under bright light when it is supposed to chilled in the first place? Did they think they would get away with giving me a cake that is essentially “rejected” and has not met the standard of quality Secret Recipe emphasizes upon? How dumb did they think I was? I’m sorry but I did not order STUPIDITY with my cakes!!!

Now let me give them the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps someone took the wrong order and the cake was already placed in the box and it’s a bitch to put the cake back on the plate in the fridge. Fine, but doesn’t ANYONE at Secret Recipe have the brains to at least think that it would be smarter to put the box IN the fridge so it doesn’t melt like butter under the sun? And if indeed you want to sell me a cake which has already been out AT LEAST have the decency to ask me if it’s ok with me. If I had agreed on it (most unlikely I would have anyway but that is beside the point), then I have nothing no reason to complain at all.

I have only been to Secret Recipe to dine-in about 3 times. Why? Because their service SUCKS. The people are either rude or dumb and worse sometimes BOTH. And out of the 10 times I have been there to buy cake, 9 times I come out annoyed/irritated/frustrated with the people working in there.

It’s also funny that when you order a whole cake for someone’s birthday or something, they REFUSE to let you pay first. When you go back to pick up your cake, only then they will take your money. Why? Why can’t customers pay upfront then come back to pick up the cake and leave? WHY? I do not understand. I mean, I WANT to give you my money NOW but you REFUSE and tell me to give it to you LATER. Does anyone else see how preposterous it is?

If it wasn’t for the cakes I would never go back to Secret Recipe. Their food menu isn’t at all that impressive either nor delicious to say the least. Don’t even get me started with the microwave-heated-food they serve to customers. SHEESH.

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