Can you hear it?

March 23, 2009

Today Rob told me about a tone that is so high in frequency that only “kids” can hear it. Apparently this tone became popular with teenagers as a ringtone because it’s inaudible to adults and so they are able to send/receive text messages on their phone in class.

As soon as he told me I got really curious whether I could hear it or not. Anyway, if you look at the chart below you’ll see the age range of those that allegedly are able to hear certain frequency of sounds.


So wanna know what frequency you can hear? Here’s a list of waves Rob made with some thingy ma-jig program. (Oh I sound so eloquently intelligent). Basically, the higher the frequency the less likely one can hear it.


I can almost hear the 17khz wave if I listen carefully. The 18khz I totally can’t make out anything of it. I can easily hear the 16khz frequency and the 15khz wave made me twitch and gritted my teeth. When I heard the 14khz wave I literally threw the headset off. Anyway I’m super duper proud of myself that I can hear the 16khz wave which allegedly is audible to those in the age range of 18 – 24. Muahahahahaha I’m still young after all!

(Crap I think I just gave away my age ).

So tell me, are you young or old (based on the audibility of those waves)?

I hope you guys try it. I thought it was a lot of fun (albeit a *little* lame for some).

P/S: It doesn’t mean you can crank your volume to the max. Stick to the normal volume you use.

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