September 6, 2008

I woke up yesterday with a big (literally) shocker. It hurt to blink and I felt this intense pressure on my eyelid. My left eye was swollen, as if I had been punched. A closer look in the mirror, I realized that it was the eyelid that was puffy. It was so swollen that it even spooked me out. I rushed to the doctor’s. Apparently I have an infection under my eyelid. Oh what fun! *roll eyes*

Not only do I feel crappy now, I still miss Rob like crazy. 🙁

It feels different waking up to this room. I miss the place we stayed at. I miss the carpeted floor. I miss how close the bathroom was. I miss looking at the paintings in the room. I miss looking out the window. I even miss that ugly maroon red comforter on the bed.

The meds are kicking in, off to bed I go.

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