Mmm bop

September 11, 2009

If you read my previous post, you would know that I tortured Rob with the Mmmbop song  just a couple days ago.

Anyway, I had a hard time falling asleep that night (serves me right) because I kept having that stupid song in my head. It was like I could hear myself singing that song in my head over and over again. Heck, I even caught myself humming that song while laying in the dark!

The next day (yesterday) I told Rob about my “predicament” of falling asleep the night before.

He laughed at me and threw in a few smartass comments during our conversation.

S: So how did YOU sleep last night?
R: Eh, not too bad. Didn’t fall asleep right away…
S: Oh? How come?
R: Not too sure. BUT I know it wasn’t anything like yours. I wasn’t hearing some song in my head. :smug:
R: =))
S:  That was a low blow!
R: *proudly* Oh it SO was

After we said goodnight yesterday (after he  made fun of me not being able to fall asleep), he messages me on the phone 30 minutes later saying “Damnit! That song is in my head now! I went to the bathroom and damn near hum that song! You suck!”. My reply to him was simply “LOL”. I get nothing from him, until 15 minutes later saying “It won’t get out of my head! Make it stop!!!”


So now that we both have that song severely implanted in our heads, I shall attempt to spread it to the rest of you. I can’t embed the original music video of the song here from Youtube, I guess for copyright reasons, so here’s a link to it

I did however find a live version in case you’re too lazy to click the link above. Enjoy getting the song OUT of your head! 😀


P/S: Check out all those screaming girls! Yes I probably would be one of them if given the chance at the time *hangs head in shame* =))

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