October 29, 2004

Okay it’s like 15 minutes til this day is over…so that means I still get to post something TODAY. Haha

First up, I had a nice day. Got to spend time with the BiRthDaY GiRL (you know who you are). Ate some nice food (even though the rojak was a lil yucky at one point). Had a nice time with my honey, a game of dominioes (I got my ass kicked today). So, good food good company, basically good STUFF (or shtuff as my partner loves to say) =D

I watched The Terminal with Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta Jones. I must say *claps* pretty good movie, though the storyline is a little illogical. Those who have watched it might agree. I mean how can anyone live in an airport terminal?? I don’t think I’d live in an airport terminal if my country suddenly doesn’t exist anymore (unless I don’t have a choice). It’s kinda like a cute adorable movie. Funny, touching and in a scene or two, sorta romantic.

I’m now listening to “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down *Sigh* Makes me think of Robbie. I miss him. Ok skipping that song..AHHHHH Mandy Moore’s Only Hope…I swear, it’s like I love torturing myself with these mushy gushy love songs lol.

Ok, I think I just had a brain fart so I better stop thinking. Heh

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