October 30, 2004

I’m SO full!! I think I’m goin to explode. So much for all those calories burnt from playing DDR earlier today. Oh Coffee Bean…I love Coffee Bean, I love cheesecake!!! Ermmmm, yes I know how many calories are in those (I think). Let’s recap what I ate today..HAHA laksa, dim sum, cheesecakes, pasta, vanilla drink thingy and DURIANS (that’s stinky fruit to you Robbie). Hmmm am I missing anything? Nah don’t think so. Yes I am sort of bloated right now *burp*. Note to self: Try not to breathe after burping. It smells really bad after eating durians.

Wooohoooo! I just learnt how to use the Hello program thingy to upload my pics! Heh I’m not computer illiterate after all *big grin* I’ll be posting some pictures soon, pictures I took and pictures I didn’t take, heh. I wish I had a picture of me and Robbie. That would so nice to have. Arrrghhh wish I know more about editing pictures and whatnot.

Oh, I got my rematch today with Robbie and I so kick ass in dominoes! =D I still love you though honey *wink*smirk* Well I gotta be up early tomorrow so I’m gonna haul my butt into bed. Catch ya later.

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