HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!

October 31, 2004

BLEH! My dsl was being a pain today. I had download speed at like 34k at one point! I’m paying for 384k speed and i get 10% of it? Got me annoyed. Oh well, it’s all better now so *pat*pat*pat*

I just finished watching The Apprentice. Interesting to watch, though there are some people in it I sooooooooooooo dislike. This girl Omarosa, she gets to me. One minute she’s nice to this girl, Heidi, and the next minute she backstabs her. Don’t you just hate that? I seriously do not like people who are fake. I have seen some fake people in my life, also vain and superficial people who think they own the world and can get away with anything because they seem to think they’re “beautiful”. Reality check, beauty is only skin deep. What’s gonna happen when they get old and wrinkly and no longer so “beautiful”? Hmmmm, I’m like on a roll here. I better stop before I get wordy Hehehe =D

Oh yes, before I forget, Happy Halloween! BOO BOO BOO BOO heh Too bad Halloween isn’t exactly a popular day here in Kuching. Going trick or treating would be fun. FREE CANDY!!! Yum yum yum =)~~ *drool*drool*drool*

I kicked ass today again in dominoes. Heeeeeeeeeeh =D Alright, time for me to get ready for bed. I’m way too tired.

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