Tueday, Tuesday, Tuesday

November 2, 2004

Ahhhhhhhhhhh…I went to the gym today for about an hour and a half. I feel pretty good right now. The last time I was there I was all tired and sore after that workout, now I feel pretty good. Yes, I will keep it up for a week or two or three..heh. We shall see.

I watched Bourne Supremacy earlier. Not bad I’d say. I jumped off a bridge if I had that sort of identity crisis. *shivers* Leave me out of it. Hehe but it was an okay movie. Matt Damon – not bad looking *grin* I know you’re gonna read this Robbie so BLEH. You know no matter how good looking a guy is no one can compare to you *wink*muah*

Oooooo I just realized that my birthday is about a week away. YAY! Fun fun fun =D

Well time for some tv channel surfing heh *wink*

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