Random thoughts

November 3, 2004

These are just random thoughts that popped into my head today. So, it may not make any sense and is very opinionated. You’ve been warned. =P

It’s hard to believe that in 5 days I’ll be 22. Sometimes I feel like I’m immature. Other times I act like a kid (but I like that hehe). Yeah yeah some will say “You’re just turning 22, wait til you hit 40” or something to that extent. It’s not about the growing old part that worries me. Numbers don’t worry me that much. It’s the “acting your age” that makes me wonder. Not that it’s a big issue for me though. It’s one of those thoughts that pop into your head once in a while when you least expect it. I hear things about people my age or younger getting married, starting a family etc. And I must admit I wonder about that too. How it feels (it being BEING married =P), how much more responsibility you get, how it changes things etc. Now that I think about it, how it feels being married isn’t really what I’m curious about. I mean, I think sometimes Robbie and I practically act like we’re married in some silly way. We’re a couple of goofballs anyway. Hehehe

People change and grow all the time. Some change for the better, some others for the worse I guess. Perhaps in a time of someone’s life, priorities change and are different for every individual. But isn’t it sorta complicated to deal with change sometimes? I mean you get used to something or someone and suddenly there’s that change. It’s no longer the same anymore. Well, I guess that’s how life is. Let’s move on.

Okay, think I’ve rumbled enough for one night heh.

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