Food food food FOOOD!!!

November 6, 2004

*BURP* Whewwwww what a dinner! I went to a buffet dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Saturday nights area Japanese food buffet…I had all the sushi wanted, all the CAKES I wanted, all the ice cream I wanted and so much more! What occasion? Well, its moi’s birthday dinner of course =D Plans for birthday: Going to EarthQuake and shake some booty (if I’m not pai seh lah heh). Then it’s SUPPER (I think). Okay I will have to stop thinking about food for now. Ugh I think I’m bloated *burp*burp*burp* lol

Oh yes, went shopping this morning. That was fun. Then again shopping is always fun when you’re with the right company. =D

I’m currently hiding my nose behind a book by Deepak Chopra The Way of the Wizard. Robbie gave it to me. Very interesting so far and I really wanna finish it as soon as I can. Have about 40 pages more to go. GO GO GO SHIN!!! Yes I’m cheering for myself. =P

Tomorrow I will continue to clean up my room as I was half done last week and being the PROCRASTINATOR that I am, of course it took me THIS long to resume tidying this room.

Okay now I’m gonna go back to my book =))

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