I’m back!!!

November 20, 2004

Wheeeeeeeee!!! I’m home at last =D My trip to Aussie Land was good good GOOD. What a week! It’s like shopping mania this past week. I LOVE IT! lol I bought clothes clothes clothes heh. I’m way too good at shopping now I think. It’s weird to think that a couple years ago I didn’t enjoy shopping so much. Now it’s like any chance I get, I’d go for it.

My daily routine in Australia includes waking up, brushing my teeth, going to the bathroom, a glass of milk in the kitchen and off to the mall. LOL Then it’s like go in a couple stores and get hungry. Stop by to get a sandwich thingy or ice cream. And it’s back to shopping until it feels like my feet are about to crack I shop some more. By the time I get back from the mall it’s dinner time, a shower, a little tv and SLEEP. Never knew shopping could be that tiring LOL. So I wake up the next day and it’s pretty much the same thing all over again. Ice cream ice cream ice cream. I swear sometimes I feel like I live to eat ice cream LOL. Let’s see if I can remember all the flavours I tried. I had rum n raisin, cookies n cream, chocolate cheesecake (YES ACTUAL PIECES OF CHEESECAKE IN CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM!!!!), mango, passionfruit, raspberry delight and ummmm I think it’s call macademia madness. Gosh I think I can still taste those flavours right now LOL

On Thursday, my mom and I went down to the city. Things in the city are so expensive compared those in the suburbs. Like for the same box of chocolates, it’s like AUD$6 (that’s almost RM18) more expensive in the city than in the suburb where I stayed in. We also visited the Queen Victoria Building. It’s a combination of a shopping mall and museum like place. There were paintings of Queen Victoria, jewels she wore, a really big cool looking clock etc. Mind you, the building itself was renovated in 1984 by a Malaysian company! (Check it out at http://www.sydney.com.au/qvb.htm) It was sorta cool looking at those things. I think the most awesome thing I saw in Sydney was the Christmas tree in center of that building. It is like FOUR storeys high!! That is the TALLEST Christmas tree I have ever seen in my life!

I arrived in Kuching at about 3.30am today and got home at about 4.30am. I went to bed an hour later and slept 4 hours more or less. And so right about now I’m absolutely EXHAUSTED. If I’m exhausted what am I doing here writing this? hehe Yeah I’m weird like that. PROUD OF IT TOO! =D

I had a wonderful day. Spent a few hours with Robbie after a week of no “shnuggle time”. Thank God I had a VodaPhone SIM card in Australia. Spent a fair amount of money of texting. Showed him the clothes I bought and other stuff earlier. It feels really nice to have someone to come back to and just feel happy. *sigh* Okay I’m gushing again. Heh

Okay okay, I shall now go shower and get some early sleep. Adios

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