First day…

November 22, 2004

First day of the semester. Sort of boring. Went to the faculty, activated my thingy online…heh don’t know what to call it. But I think those reading this understand what I’m talking about. My schedule this semester is ok I guess. Busy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. BLEH On a good side I don’t have classes on Fridays which means I get a somewhat longer weekend =D

I had a nice day. Spent a fair amount of time with Robbie. Took some quizzes online and the results for the both of us were similar!!! That is just too cool. =D I never thought there would be someone out there so much like me. So I count my blessings everyday and am so thankful. It’s not everyday you meet someone that’s so compatible with you in almost everything and at the same time there are differences it makes things exciting everyday.

For some reason I’m yawning like crazy here. Think I haven’t gotten over the time difference with Australia haha. Ok I’m gonna hit the bed.

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