November 28, 2004

Love, now that’s a topic most people can relate to. There are so many definitions for love out there. I guess here I would like to express my version of the definition of love.

Growing up watching fairytale cartoons where the prince and princess always end up kissing and living happily ever after was my dream. But of course as you grow you realize that is not the case. I mean, you can’t just kiss a person and know he/she is the one for you. I’m a firm believer of true love. I believe that there is someone out there for everyone. The problem is meeting that someone. I’ve always believed in soulmates and hoped and prayed to meet mine. I am very fortunate to have met mine and I thank God everyday for answering prayers. In my deepest dreams I never thought I would feel this close to anyone or be this happy.

Love starts with friendship and develops into something deeper. To love someone is to know someone. Love is believing in that someone no matter what happens. There will be no love where there is no trust.

Love means waking up everyday thinking of him/her and smile. Love means when he/she says “Everything will be okay” you believe it with all your heart. Love is being silly with each other and not be embarassed. Love is having burp competitions and laugh about it. Love means kissing his/her nose when he/she is sick. Love is learning how to cook something he/she loves to eat. Love means feeling sexy with each other even when you’re 60. Love means kissing each other when you first wake up before mouth wash. Love is sharing the bathroom while another is on the toilet. Love is when a hug and kiss erases all negative feelings. Love is slow dancing to the music in your heart. Love is when you’re happy or sad he/she is the first person you think about. Love means when he/she is gone, you feel his/her presence.

It’s love when you love someone so much you could cry. It’s love when the thought of losing them makes you so scared. It’s love when seeing the sunset makes you miss him/her more because you just want to share something so simple yet so amazing together. It’s love when hours spent together feels like minutes. It’s love when seeing him/her smile makes you smile. It’s love when there are times when it feels like it’s just the two of you in this world. It’s love when you’re inspired to write something like this based on him/her.

Love is the answer to so many questions. Love just is, love is life.

One response to “Love…?”

  1. ~HaPpy Pei~ says:

    I am happy that you finally found your true love. All the best to you and wish you always enjoy your love life!! muaks…

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