About time…

December 29, 2004

Yes I know ABOUT TIME. Been ions since I last posted but I do have my reasons *innocent grin* Wait..innocent grin? How do you look innocent AND grin at the same time? Hmmmm I must be talking out of my big ass again…LOL Yes I DO take shots at myself…SOMETIMES. I find it amusing actually. At least I have the confidence to make fun of myself *wink* Heh

Anyways…let’s get down to business…okay okay there’s no business. I’m being weird aren’t I? Well I tend to get a *little* weird and talk crap when I get less than 5 hours of sleep. heh

My Christmas was okay, had dinner at my aunt’s place on Christmas Eve. That was fun because I was playing with my cousin’s kid. And somehow that makes me an aunt right…? GOD I feel OLD. This kid is soooooooooooooo wrapped up with opening gifts that she opened her presents before Christmas. She even opened my gift. As for New Year, I have nothing planned as of yet. I’ll just probably go to dinner with the parents and stay at home, watch some tv and wait for the fireworks or SOMETHING. Speaking of New Year, I suppose it’s time to talk about New Year’s resolution. I have a few though but if I post them on here, people are gonna read about it and if they read about it, they’ll know. And when they know, some might give me a hard time for not achieving the resolution (I normally don’t anyway HAHA). So to save all the hassle I won’t post them…at least not tonight *snicker*

On another note, I have yet to start anything on my PI except maybe a tiny bit of introduction. So much for not procrastinating. I can’t help it, it’s like part of who I am. lol No seriously, I’ve been getting pounded with assignments from classes. I just finished one today and have another one due next Tuesday and then midterms the following day. Still have lots more to do but I’ll manage (I think). It feels like I just started this semester and next week I have to take midterms already??? Where did the time go??

I’m suppose to be finishing up the assignment that’s due next week but I keep thinking I haven’t posted in a while so I decided to stick my fat butt on this chair and write (or type however you wanna call it). I think I’m procrastinating again. *oopsie*

Not to be depressing or anything with sad news but I would like to share a bit on what I read on Yahoo! News last night. As of 30 minutes ago, the total deaths caused by the earthquake/tsunami is at 63,000. But what caught my eye last night while reading up on the news was the fact that a 20 day old baby survived the tsunami. He/She was washed away by the waves on Sunday and was found on a floating mattress yesterday. Now THAT is a miracle. A 20 day old baby survive more than 2 days floating around with no food or anyone to care for. Even if the baby had food, a 20 day old wouldn’t know how to feed itself. I see that as God’s miracle. That is just beyond amazing. I personally think that that baby is blessed. The more I see and experience the more I believe in God (Not to say I don’t believe in Him). He has constantly shown that He does exist and that He is watching. Okay I’m getting all religious and shtuff =D

Hmmmmm what else…I think that’s about it…yeah..that’s it…yeah…

Okay this post took me about 20 minutes. I will now go stick my face in front of the tv. They’re showing re-runs of “Brotherly Love”. *POOF*

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