Outsmarted by a 3 year old…

January 12, 2005

Today I had the pleasure of ‘babysitting’ my cousin’s 3 year old for a few hours. Took him out for a few hours and I must say he is a very intelligent boy. For someone as sarcastic as I am, I got fooled by a 3 year old and it will be something to be remembered forever lol

I took him to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal. He wanted McNuggets so I ordered that with some curly fries and iced milo (chocolate milk for him). He started off munching his curly fries and totally ignored the nuggets. So I say “why don’t you eat your nuggets before it gets cold?” He shook his head and continued eating his fries. After a while asking him the same question and not getting any responce I gave him an ultimatum; “Well if you’re done eating, it’s time to go.” He looks at me and says “no”. So I say “Ok, you eat your nuggets when you’re done with that fry ok?” while pointing at the fry on his left hand. He nods and said “ok”. Then he starts eating more fries with his RIGHT hand. I noticed and go “Hey you cheated..you said you’d eat the nuggets when you finished the fry.” He holds up his LEFT hand “See it’s still there” I’m thinking “OH CRAP! I just got outsmarted by a 3 year old!!!!” Can you believe that??? Geez, that kid is GOOD.

Also this kid had the pleasure of commenting on my driving skills. He goes “why are you driving so slow?” I ask “I am?” He says “yeah..look at all the other cars..they’re so far away” *knocks head on wall*

Anyway, thought that was something funny to share =D It’s back to the books =P

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