Tired tired tired

January 19, 2005

This has been one of the most sleepless weeks of my life. I’ve had an average of 5/6 hours everynight since Sunday. Ugh I look like a panda now. Things have been hectic lately. So much to do…exams, assignments, PI!! I finally finished mid-terms today after 3 consecutive days on exams. I have 3 assignments due early next week. I’m just almost done with my PI and that’s due end of February..ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! HELP!!!

I’m doomed to the land of books and papers and reading and writing and analyzing and whatnot for the next two months! I am tired, sooooooooooo tired. Today Robbie asked me what I would like to do, my answer; “Anything that requires the least volume of thinking” lol Yes I’m a smartass, yes I am sarcastic, and yes you have been warned =P

Don’t have much planned for the weekend. Will be sticking my head in front of the laptop and books so I can finish up the assignments by the weekend and hand those in AND get back to my PI. I bet by the time I’m done with school (which is in March) I’ll be totally psyched and then a month later I’ll start to miss it…I think…heh

Ugh ugh ugh I’m so tired…wait..then what am I doin here? BLEH I’m outta here.

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