All over the place!!!!

February 4, 2005

YES!! I’m all good now for all those that care, that is after TWO visits to the doctor. Geeez some plague that one. Now people around me are just getting ready for the Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!! I’m actually excited. It’s fun to celebrate new years the Chinese way and I’m as Chinese as any other. Heck both my grandfathers are straight on from China. Speaking of China, I was going through some pictures of me in China when I was 12/13 on the Great Wall of China. I think that’s absolutely very cool.

As you can see I’m all over the place right now because I’ve had my fix of coffee LOL and I must say that coffee makes me pee a lot lol See!! I’m so hyper now. *tries to sit still* NOPE THAT AIN’T HAPPENING.

Okay CNY, I’m getting about 4/5 days off school which will give me the chance to focus more on my PI which I intend to hand in by the end of the month!! I REALLY wanna get this done and out of the way WAYYYYYYY earlier so I can actually have enough time to study for finals. It’s looking good so far. I’ve pounded about 4 pages this week so hopefully I can keep that pace and get it done and over with. And this weekend I’ll have to help clean the house and all for CNY, it’s tradition and all for most Chinese families I’m sure. Everything has to be sparkling clean and looking like new. Last week I helped my dad wash the floors with the power water spray thingy, was kinda fun heh =D

Both my arms are hurting now from last night. I was at my cousin’s place and playing with her kid. He keeps telling me he wants to fly so I had to carry him in my arms flat while he spreads his arm like he’s flying LOL That was some workout since I haven’t been to the gym in a while hehehe

Okay enough for now, I better get back to ummm stuff heh


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