March 15, 2005

That’s how my brain feels right now. I’ve been staring at the books for the past 2 hours or so. I so need a break. My exam tomorrow is at 9am so right now I’m just pumping my brain with facts and info to argue my points for the exam. Figures, I had an exam this afternoon from 2-4.30pm and another had to be scheduled tomorrow MORNING. How am I suppose to study with this short amount of time before the next exam? It’s ridiculous. Why didn’t I study earlier you ask? Well DUH I’m the great procrastinator. *smirk*

It’s weird. I’m on exams right now and I can just find time to post something. When I DIDN’T have exams I didn’t post for a month. SHEEESH What is wrong with me??? It’s like I wanna waste time *chuckle* Yes I’m weird. Why, you ask? Because I had tea earlier to keep me awake as I was yawning a lot at 8pm. So, in attempt to prevent myself from falling asleep so I can STUDY, I had some tea and I must say it is working, for now. Sheesh I’m just babbling away aren’t I? *blushes*

My exam today was alright, don’t wanna jinx it though because the last time I thought I did good on an exam, the results turned out the other way round. Such things are hard to predict anyway. Oh well, at least I don’t think I’m the greatest in the world or anything like that *snicker* Heh => I am confident to an extent yet I have my insecurities that I have absolutely no problem addressing it in public (which explains why I’m talking about it online).

Okay my 10 minute break is SO OVER.

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