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March 28, 2005

Let’s see what have I been doing since I finished exams. For the most part I’ve been driving around a lot since my last exam. Overall I had a good weekend I would say. I’ve downloaded a couple episodes of The O.C. and am watching up to date episodes. Mwahahahaha I love the internet *smirk*

Saturday I drove like a madman (woman) to the airport at the last minute after finding out my friends from uni were leaving to go back to their hometown. We hugged so many times and they thanked me for everything. It felt very nice, you know, the feeling of being appreciated that is. On Sunday I drove my mom to see my aunt. Today I drove my cousin around town for lunch and then some more errands (as she’s leaving back to the U.S early Thursday morning), then back to her place and I attempted to fix another cousin’s computer which wasn’t running so good due to spyware and whatnot.

And tomorrow I get to go back and try for the second time to fix her problem, with several ammunition programs and some other thingys which I have no idea what they are called lol. Robbie helped me with those. Thanks hooney heh =D Hmmmm maybe I’ll take a detour to the gym tomorrow. I better start going again and jog jog jog.

Also, I am planning to post a few blogs reflecting on my 3 years at UNIMAS. So hopefully I’ll get my butt into gear and start putting those memories into words. I need to spend some time thinking 3 years back and come up with ideas on how to tactfully organize those thoughts. Geez I sound so…well…organized. That is so unlike me. I wonder if that’s the Strawberry and Honey Tea I had this afternoon. Heh

Ooooo! It’s almost time for tv. YES!! ~~Au revoir~~

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