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April 16, 2005

In life, I’ve notice people do things that are not for their best interest. For example, my dad smokes. I give him a hard time for it but he doesn’t care what I say or think. He does it anyway. We all know it’s bad for health, yet a lot of people out there do it. Same thing with people who gossip, backstab, lie, and cheat. They know it’s bad, yet they do it anyway. The reason? Well it serves their interest. Most people lie, cheat or steal to get something they want…something they REALLY want. Okay, here’s my question…

To achieve something you REALLY want is it worth your dignity and self-worth? I mean, if one were to lie, cheat and steal just to get something and in turn you corrupt yourself spiritually and emotionally, is it worth it? Don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t think so. If you want something so bad that it leads you down a path that’s basically going to destroy yourself spiritually why do it? In the end, I feel that one’s spiritual and emotional well-being is of the most importance.

With that rationality, I tend to have this habit of pointing out what’s wrong (to me) in a situation. No doubt, not everyone shares my views on issues. I have no intention non-what-so-ever of forcing them upon anyone. You might say “Well you’re not in that situation, how would you know how it feels?” To that question, I say: Make me understand for I WANT to understand. Then one might say, “It’s too complicated to explain in words.” To that statement, I say: Words are powerful tools. Try to make me understand. Nothing is impossible until you try.

I believe I am a listener. I’ve been told that I am a good listener. No matter how bad or good I am of a listener I have to say that I enjoy listening (most of the time). Like I said in a previous post, I enjoy expressing my views and opinions especially when I’m asked to. I love sharing my thoughts. What I don’t understand is that fact that some people can’t accept them (views/opinions/thoughts) as I hope that would. I don’t understand because they asked for them in the first place; yet have a hard time accepting them.

Now that I think about it, it’s not so much on just accepting them but more on accepting AND embracing them with an open mind. Views and opinions can be accepted but whether or not one embraces them in their hearts and soul is up to the individual. Using my thoughts and words against me by turning them into negative judgment that was/is never my meaning is well…improper and…maybe just a little self-destructing. Why you ask? Well, at the end of the day my impressions of you that you turn into something negative will only serve the purpose of making you sad, defensive and/or maybe angry. You’re simply just sabotaging yourself. Get what I mean?

Some might find this post offensive to them. But it’s not about anyone specific. It’s just that situations in the past week have led me to think more about this. As I said, whether or not you embrace it is up to you. These are my opinions, my thoughts, my views. Notice how I used the word “my” so many times. It’s mine, not yours. I am speaking on my behalf, not yours. I really do accept comments and suggestions with an open mind. Don’t act all defensive on me and accuse me of calling you names and whatnot before even clarifying with me what I mean by the things I say. So feel free to say something by clicking the “comment” option below this post. =D

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  1. linda says:

    yep yep…. i agree ppl do things like steal for their best interest!!

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