April 27, 2005

Yes I know I’ve been missing in action for almost a week or so. Heh It seems my attempt to blog more often has failed in some sense. Hehehe Oh well…I guess I do have some sort of a life (now). *chuckles*

Been going out a lot lately, especially during the evenings for drinks and chit chatting with my friends. It has been really fun hanging out and not have to worry about school but on the downside we worry about getting jobs and all that stuff.

I sent in a job application the other day but I am not sure on the possibilities of getting an interview. Anyway, Heh I went for an interview yesterday morning. It’s my first interview after sitting around being a couch potato for a month or so LOL There I stood with my 3-4 inch heels for over an hour and honestly I thought my legs were going break (There were no chairs to sit on, only boxes). Hehehe I don’t know what my chances are though since the interviewer mentioned that a lot of people had applied for the post. I’ll have to wait for a phone call if I get the second interview. Overall, the interview went okay. I mean it IS my first job interview. We shall see.

As for this morning, interviews weren’t looking so good, at least for me. It seems there are a lot of openings in the sales department, something I’m not really good at unfortunately.

On another note, I’ve been making earrings with a friend and selling (hoping) them to people i.e friends, family, friends of friends, friends of family etc. So far it’s going okay. Got to sell to some people. I’m hoping that we can sell them online at some point after I get some facts right first. I’ll see if I can take pictures of them and post them on here and if anyone is interested, let me know. Come on, help a sistah out here. I’m broke. Heh

I’m extremely tired today for some reason even though I had about 8 hours of sleep (I think). Either that or I was dreaming of sleeping that long. Heh I really can’t tell at the moment. I even thought today was Tuesday. *twitch*

With that said I should be getting some sleep. Adios~~

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